4 Reasons Why You Should Take an ‘In-Person’ Placenta Encapsulation Training

1) Walk through the entire process step by step in real time.

Encapsulating a placenta is not like a cooking show where the chef magically takes the finished product out of the oven (NO WE DON’T USE AN OVEN). Instead, attendees experience the entire process in real time.

Each student takes part in every step.

The first placenta you explore should not be your client’s, but rather the one used during your training.

Placenta exploration during an in person training, takes a lot of pressure off of you and affords you the opportunity to ask questions as you learn. You will gain valuable experience during that process that you simply can’t get from reading literature and watching videos.

You will fully understand the placenta and the encapsulation process enabling you to confidently answer client questions and concerns.

Clients may ask:

  • “How much space do I need?”
  • “Is my kitchen suitable for the process?”
  • “What will it look like?”

Trust me these are some of the biggest points of concern for many clients.

You will be able to answer all these questions and more because you have first hand experience with the process.

2) You get to know all of the sensory aspects of processing a placenta.

There are feels (both emotional and physical) to experience.

Often, attendees are surprised by how profound the experience of placenta exploration is for them emotionally. Being a bit overwhelmed by the intensity of the placenta’s ability is not uncommon and your trainer intimately understands this. The in person training is where you process these feelings so that you are prepared as a professional to serve others.

Maybe you are scared or anxious about the blood?

Maybe the smell is something that worries you.

What better place to be introduced to these new things and learn your reactions than an in person placenta encapsulation training with your helpful trainer and a room full of like minded, supportive people. A little more comforting than in your first client’s home, right?!

Over and over again, we hear students say that they were worried about whether or not they would be able to ‘do it’. They are always pleasantly surprised during trainings, as they are given the time and attention to move slowly while mentally and emotionally processing things as they go. They find that it is not as intimidating as they were afraid it would be.

Students leave the in person placenta encapsulation training with confidence in themselves and the process.

3) You have access to your trainer live and in person.

Ask questions and get answers immediately.

While the training is comprehensive, in depth and chock full of the information you need, everyone learns differently.

You get to process not only a placenta, but your thoughts, concerns and questions in real time. You will be comfortable in the relaxed setting of the in person learning environment and encouraged to ask all of those ‘strange’ but clarifying questions.

You’ll also benefit from the questions that other participants in your class ask, that you may have not even considered.

During the 2 day in person training, you’ll have the opportunity to form relationships with other attendees. Often times, ‘back up’ relationships and/or partnerships are formed during training. Not to mention, how much fun doing this with others is!

4) Lastly, you will learn it all and be ready to start offering this valuable service to your clients right away!

No taking weeks or months to go back and forth with online training. You will be ready to serve your first client the very next day. If you have questions after your training (and you likely will!) your trainer is a phone call away and your colleagues are waiting for you, in our online forum!

We know that you leave your training excited and prepared to start your placenta encapsulation business right away. ProDoula takes it a step further by offering you a complete placenta encapsulation kit that is shipped directly to your home! This kit is everything you’ll need to professionally encapsulate 10 placentas. Refill kits are also available!

Authored by: Deb Pocica