5 Steps to Building a Marketing Campaign

Posted on: July 3, 2017 | Doula Business

There is no doubt that building a marketing campaign is a tedious process. However, when we organize it as a process, there are some simple steps that can improve the work flow of the project.

Follow these steps in this order for optimal success!

1) Concept

Conceptualizing the campaign must happen first. This is where good ideas are invented and plotted and bad ideas are discarded. It is the brainstorming session that leads to the development of a ‘storyboard’ for the campaign.

Once the project is conceptualized, a list of tasks can be created and delegated to the responsible parties.

2) Strategy

Step 2 is to build a strategy for the execution of the campaign. You must know how you are going to utilize the marketing campaign in order to successfully initiate it.

  • What collateral will you build?
    • Print
    • Email
    • Newsletter
  • How will you use the campaign digitally?
  • What is your social media strategy?
  • How will you use the campaign for advertising?
  • What is your PR strategy?
  • How will you utilize the campaign for in-person networking?

3) Content

Now that you have a well thought out concept and you know how you will be using it, you can begin to build the content. Content is a combination of the words and images that you will use to convey your marketing message. It is powerful and each word and image you use, must be carefully considered.

The content should be complete and edited in its entirety before moving on to the next step. 

4) Design

This is the step that most, small business owners want to jump to first but it is in the second to last position for a reason. In order to create a webpage, we must know what will live on it. When creating an ad, we must know what we want it to say and what images will sell our product or service best.

Going to a designer and expecting them to conceptualize your brand’s message and marketing campaign is unrealistic and incredibly time consuming. By completing the first 3 steps before going to design, the workflow of your project will be most efficient.

Deliver a strategic concept along with your completely edited content and let your designer bring your work to fruition!

5) Execute

Now that your completed marketing campaign has been delivered to you, you can fully execute your strategy! No set backs. No hold backs. Just ready to go.

Don’t let your marketing ideas fall to the wayside because you don’t have a strong process. Take one step at a time (in the right order) and get excited about bringing your awesome brand to the market!

Authored by: Randy Patterson