Birth In Our Culture | Doula Training and Certification

“Birth in Our Culture” is an ever-growing collection of stories written by ProDoula members. We have dedicated this page to broaden understanding of self through others, in hopes that it will promote tolerance and unity. This page is a safe space for our community to graciously share their cultures, history and traditions surrounding birth and early parenting.

My Patchwork Quilt of Identity

One of my earliest childhood memories is one of feeling unaccounted for and misplaced. I’m standing in a toy store, eyeing the dolls on the shelves – each of them packaged so neatly with their shiny hair, plastic shoes, and dainty dresses. Their painted lips smile back almost begging to be selected, taken home, and […]

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Home is Where the Military Sends Us

When thinking about cultural diversity many people do not immediately think about military culture. But this culture is real and it runs through every military family’s veins with their blood.

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Entrusted with our People’s Survival

Most doulas seem to come to this work after an epiphany during childbirth. Something happened, or didn’t happened, that made them want to help other women navigate the entry into motherhood. They come to this work from a deeply personal place. That’s not my story. 

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Millions of Jewish Women Before Me…

I’m a procrastinator. No, really. Like, if I have to do something and I have a deadline, it will always be done at the very last moment. Always. That is what surprised me most about birth. It happens. It happens when it happens, you can’t decide, control or postpone the time of birth. And this detail left […]

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Ireland, Birth in our Culture is a Harrowing Tale

Her eyes glazed over, her brow dripping, the scent of birth fills the air and the room is electric with the otherworldly roar of power as she releases a new spirit into the world. She’s neither here nor there, but wherever she is, it’s alive, it’s primal and it’s somewhere transformative.

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