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Thursday, April 25th

What I learned From ProDoula

The skills that I have learned from ProDoula have changed me. They have changed me as a person, as a wife, as a doula, as a colleague, and as an entrepreneur. To be honest with you, I am very business minded. I care greatly about systems, search engine optimization, creating jobs for other women, and […]

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How Can I Doula With No Experience?

I have been a postpartum doula for over three years now – I have supported nearly 100 families and spent 1000s of hours in their homes, providing doula support. I am the co-owner of a full-service doula agency and a trainer hatith ProDoula. And at least once a week, I get emails from new doulas […]

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Maternal Mental Health Emergencies – Doulas, Are You Prepared?

Maternal mental health emergencies. I am a postpartum doula, not a birth doula. So my phone usually doesn’t ring at 4:30am. That was clue number one that something was wrong. My second clue? The panicked voice of a close family member on the other end of the line, imploring me to help. Help with what? […]

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Doula Speaks Out, Doula Speaking Engagements

More doulas than I can count find themselves in a full panic at the idea of speaking publicly about the services they provide. So let’s tackle the elephant in the room! Doula Speaking Engagements. Attuning to others, is one of the primary talents doulas possess.

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I’m A Doula – How Do I Find Clients?

The #1 question a new doula asks is… how do I find clients? You’ve heard that old saying about when a tree falls in the woods, right? If no one is around, does it make a sound? Well, what about if you’re a doula that does not have an online presence? If no one is […]

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The ProDoula Diamond Award

This time of year, we like to talk about diamonds. Specifically, the prestigious Diamond Award. Diamonds are rare and beautiful, highly valued around the world and often used to symbolize things that mean the most to us. The diamond has stood the test of time, transforming from intense pressure and heat, coming out the other […]

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Calling it Breastfeeding is Problem #1

As we all know, infant feeding is repeatedly sexualized. Over and over again, breastfeeding parents are condemned for exposing their instruments for feeding, or… breasts, in public. Breasts, you know… similar to udders on cows.

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Ambulate in Labor? What the Heck is That?

If you spend a lot of time reading birth related blogs and facebook posts, you might occasionally come across a word that makes you scratch your head a bit. Then you might mozy over to good ol’ Google and see what’s up. So to save you a few extra browser tabs and some typing, to […]

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