Budgeting That’ll Budge You!

You have been “Dared” to Dream in 2018!!

Some dream about attending conference, it feels unreachable, unattainable, impossible. BUT, it doesn’t have to be!

How do we make this Dream seem less daring, you ask? It’s easy…

Start planning right NOW!

The ProDoula Home Team is here to support you. We have some great blogs coming with life hacks, goal assessments, and tons of tips on how to tackle some of the obstacles keeping you from the ProDoula Dare to Dream 2018 Conference.

First step, create a Budget… STOP, don’t be afraid of the “B” word! Budgets aren’t scary!

In fact, budgets kick fear’s butt.

Budgets defeat overwhelming feelings.

Budgets turn big, intimidating numbers into the spare change at the bottom of your bag.

Budgets work best when specific goals with deadlines are set.  No reason to take on more than you can handle….

This is supposed to make things easier, remember?

Here are the facts…

ProDoula offers a DISCOUNT for early registration. If you sign up and pay in full by January 1st, 2018, your cost is ONLY $325, that’s a SAVINGS of $70!!!

This is what the breakdown looks like!

    • $5.33 per DAY for 61 Days
    • $40.63 per WEEK for 8 Weeks
    • $162.50 per MONTH for 2 Months

OK, so you have…61 DAYS or 8 WEEKS or 2 MONTHS to reap the benefit of this $70.00 SAVINGS and confirm your attendance at CONFERENCE in 2018! DON’T MISS OUT!

Stay tuned as we help make your dream to join us at the Dare to Dream 2018 ProDoula Conference come true one blog at a time, with travel tips, budget busters, calendar countdowns, helpful hacks and SO much more.