Chef Joe Offers Consulting

I know a lot of you have already downloaded the Postpartum Meal Planning Guide for sale on the ProDoula website. A few doulas have already started adding this service and clients are responding enthusiastically.

The reality is, cooking for a living is a tough job. I can tell you from experience that it’s even more daunting when you’re cooking for a new mother and her family. The postpartum period is a very important and equally stressful time for a new family and good nutrition easily takes a backseat to the new responsibilities.

I can also tell you from experience that the hardest part about working as a private chef, or any personal service professional is getting into a client’s home.

I’ve used all sorts of marketing strategies ranging from getting auctioned off at charity events to constant posts on social media. I’ve learned over time that the easiest way to build a client base of good, quality repeat customers is to let my cooking and professionalism speak on my behalf.

Over the last four years my business has thrived solely on word of mouth referrals. Every single client I’ve serviced during this time has either been a repeat customer, a referral from an existing client or someone who attended a dinner or party as a guest that I cooked for.

As doulas who are providing postpartum care, the most difficult part of launching and marketing a new business or new revenue stream, has already been solved.


They have hired you to help them get through this new chapter of their life. If I were in that position, I would make a quick, simple meal or make a trip to the grocery store and demonstrate my value & skills in the kitchen. If you’re good at what you do and you’re confident, one meal should be all it takes!

This is a great time to introduce your new service of postpartum meal planning.

Food has this amazing ability to bring people together and bring back memories. Food can comfort us on a physical and emotional level.

By offering postpartum meal prep to your existing clients you can enhance their overall experience and remove another added level of stress from their daily lives, not to mention you add additional revenue!

So, about that introduction of your new service…

  • Maybe you’re wondering how to structure it.
  • Maybe you’re wondering how to effectively market this new service or business.
  • Maybe you need some help with effectively managing your time in the kitchen.
  • Maybe you need some ideas on what to cook because your clients are on a special diet or have some unique food allergies and aversions.
  • Maybe you’re just wondering how much you should charge.

If you’re interested in adding postpartum meal planning and preparation to your existing doula business and you need some help in getting it off the ground schedule a consult with Chef Joe through the ProDoula office today!

Consulting fee is $150 and includes:

  • An individual skills assessment
  • Food safety guidelines
  • How to accommodate special diets, food allergies & aversions
  • How much to charge and how to structure your billing
  • How to make a prep list and stay organized in and out of the kitchen
  • How to effectively use the postpartum meal-planning guide
  • How to build a recipe library
  • Time management strategies for planning, shopping and preparing
  • How to effectively market your new business
  • How to develop signature dishes that will get people talking

Stay hungry,

Chef Joe