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Now doulas who are certified or have taken in person trainings with other doula certification organizations, can cross certify and become members of the prestigious ProDoula Family!

Cross Certification Steps

Cross Certification is an option offered through ProDoula to doulas who have previously taken in-person doula trainings through other doula certification organizations.

Cross Certification – Labor  $200    Cross Certification – Postpartum $200

Prerequisites for cross-certifying with ProDoula

  • You must have taken an in-person doula training within the past 5 years (call the ProDoula office to see if your training qualifies).

What is involved in cross-certification?

  • Register and pay in full $200 for the labor program or $200 for the postpartum program.
  • Submit payment of $75.00 for your 1st year of ProDoula membership.
  • Once registration is complete, you will be mailed your ProDoula training manual (This is the standardized curriculum that all ProDoula workshop attendees train from).
  • A member of the ProDoula Training & Development team will be assigned to you as your trainer.
  • You will schedule a 20 minute, one on one video call with your trainer.
  • You will receive a link to the online certification exam for the modality you have chosen.
  • Required Reading: ProDoula training manual & Cultural Competence Resource Volume 1
  • Upon successful completion of your online exam and an uploaded copy of your current CPR certification, you will earn your CERTIFICATION!
  • Your trainer will support you the same way they support in-person workshop attendees.

With the exception of attending the in-person workshop, you will follow the same guidelines for certification that all ProDoula workshop attendees do.

Benefits associated with ProDoula cross certification

  • You will become a member of ProDoula and you will have your own web page on the highly visited ProDoula website, featuring your photo and a link to your business’ website and/or Facebook page.
  • You will receive 52 educational/inspirational emails; 1 per week for your first 52 weeks of membership.
  • You will have access to the ProDoula team for questions, support, encouragement, and inspiration during business hours.
  • You will receive a discount on your liability insurance through CM&F Group
  • You will have ProDoula’s support regarding networking with your area medical professionals.
  • You will be certified by an organization that cares about you as an individual and wants you to feel fulfilled emotionally and financially by this rewarding career.

If at any point, you decide that you would like to take a ProDoula, in-person training, you may attend one that is on our schedule for $395 for the labor doula training or $395 for the postpartum & infant care doula training.

No need to retake a training for cross-certification!

Instead, be assigned a member of The ProDoula Training and Development Team as your one-on-one trainer. Enjoy your path to certification with a doula training organization that is dedicated to helping you succeed as a doula and as an entrepreneur!

You can begin the process by completing the form below for labor and/or postpartum certification.

Labor Doula Cross Certification Payment Form

Step 1 of 3 - Contact Info

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Postpartum Doula Cross Certification Payment Form

Step 1 of 3 - Contact Info

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Why Should I Cross Certify With ProDoula?

People are choosing to earn their doula certification through ProDoula rather than other certification organizations because they want MORE!

Typically, those who are drawn to the work that doulas do, are very loving, nurturing and giving people. While that is important, most do not have a background in business and soon find themselves caught in a struggle between wanting to work as a doula, and not having the business acumen to begin.

ProDoula is changing that. Through ProDoula‘s comprehensive training programs, doulas are learning how to turn their passion into a paycheck.

Other doula certification organizations are run by volunteers. Those volunteers give their time freely to the business of certifying doulas.

ProDoula thinks those becoming a doula, need professionals working to quickly and efficiently help them through the process. Many of those volunteers also do not take appropriate payment for their doula work which is exactly what most people seeking to become professional doulas cannot afford to do.

There is much talk on the internet about doulas under-valuing themselves and limiting their own professional growth because they have not been given the tools to grow professionally.

With ProDoula, you will feel competent in both aspects of this important work, the practical and the professional! ProDoula cross certification is revolutionizing the doula industry!

ProDoula is an organization owned and operated by women who have consistently earned executive incomes in the doula industry. ProDoula is an organization dedicated to not only training qualified compassionate doulas but also to giving doulas the necessary skills that lead to longevity and sustainability.

I am a woman (or man) – strong, capable, compassionate and professional. I want to be a Doula because I understand what it means to give myself fully to another woman, to become what she needs, desires and deserves. I also believe in my value as a professional and in the services that I provide. I will pour everything I have into each client and I will be proud to be paid for this service. I will represent myself, my profession and the word Doula and will provide those I serve with complete accountability. In order to be my best and do my best, I too will need support and guidance. I want to align myself with an organization that stands for excellence, professionalism and accountability while also caring for, nurturing and inspiring their members. I choose ProDoula because I deserve the best and so will my clients! I am proud to become a ProDoula!