Debbie For A Day

Being organized and having efficient systems in place is essential to the success of your business and no one knows this better than Debbie Aglietti.

As the co-owner of several doula agencies and the Director of Operations and Certification at ProDoula, Debbie has been developing, executing and maintaining back office systems that are sophisticated, yet easy to navigate for nearly two decades.

If you are ready to establish and implement critical systems that will enable the sustainability of your business, don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, hire “Debbie for a Day” and let her teach you her ways!

Spend 8 hours with Debbie in your own space as she walks you through each and every system. Debbie will either adjust and reorganize your systems and policies or establish and implement new ones where none exist.

You don’t have to do this alone. Invite “Debbie for a Day” and give yourself and your business the opportunity of a lifetime! Debbie for a Day is yours for just $1,250 plus ‘shipping and handling’ and includes an 8 hour day. The following topics are just some of the categories that will be covered!

Client tracking

  • Track information
  • Client communication
  • Future analytics

Tracking client information is vital to any company. This includes airtight systems to maintain and track information for current use, client communications and future analytics. Debbie can create a system for you or improve upon the system you currently use to ensure it includes all pertinent information in a well-organized and easily retrievable manner.


  • Properly budget for monthly and annual expenses
  • Project taxes
  • Prepare to meet your financial goals

Utilizing specific information to create a monthly budget for your business to stay on track is imperative. There are certain expenses associated with owning a business. If you are not properly budgeting for these expenses in addition to projecting taxes your finances will be a huge debacle. Debbie will seamlessly help you set up a realistic budget that will get you closer to meeting your financial goals.


  • Detailed billing/invoicing system
  • Track payments
  • Creating reports

Having a sound billing system that provides your client with a detailed invoice in a timely manner and tracks their payments, or lack thereof, is an important fundamental for your business. Your system additionally must have the ability to create reports. Billing must be detailed, deliberate and meticulous — as your business depends on client payments for income. Debbie has extensive experience with these processes and will share her knowledge and expertise with you.

Criteria and process for bringing on Independent Contractors

  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor
  • Expectations
  • Payments
  • Communication

When you hire independent contractors and/or support staff, you are selecting individuals to represent your company and your brand. Let Debbie show you how to best select those qualified to exemplify your business. Your target market, the success of your business and quite frankly, your reputation depends on those entrusted to represent you.

Salaries, payroll and payment of Independent Contractors

  • Paying yourself
  • Paying Independent Contractors
  • Paying support staff

Systems must be in place to determine how much you, as the business owner, should be paid, how often you should be paid, and determining a salary for any supportive staff you hire to help run your business. If you are an agency owner, you must additionally pay your independent contractors. Debbie has vast experience with determining how to appropriately calculate these figures and will help you create and execute a system for this.


  • Meetings
  • Clients
  • Doulas

As your business grows, time management and the scheduling of care for clients can become an overwhelming process. Creating a process and policies for this system is imperative for smooth operations. Allow Debbie to implement the scheduling systems she has utilized for nearly 20 years to create a well oiled scheduling machine for your business.


  • What services should you offer?
  • Should you offer packages?

Is it feasible to offer birth support, postpartum support, placenta encapsulation and childbirth education? For each service you offer do you have a well thought out price point, process and contingency plan? Your reputation relies on the dependability of the services you offer. Let Debbie help you ensure that you have the processes in place to support families appropriately with structured services.

Online applications & programs

There are specific programs and applications available for running your business and there is much confusion regarding all of these choices. While some are better than others, more expensive than others and more widely used than others, Debbie will help you assess and determine which are the best for meeting your individual needs as well as the anticipated growth of your company. Additionally, count on Debbie’s support to get these platforms up and running and to teach you how to maintain them.

Brainstorming & creating a plan for action

You want your business to be well recognized and well respected and there are deliberate steps you must take in order to achieve this goal. It is no coincidence that Debbie & Randy’s doula agency is one of the most successful in the world, is referred to by physicians, hospitals, birth workers and clients alike and attracts their target market.

Debbie will brainstorm with you to determine a plan of action for the promotion of your business.


Building a strong professional relationship with health care providers and birth facilities in your area is vital to your business. When these trusted individuals recommend your services they are validating the value and confidence they have in you. Successful networking tips and how to take advantage of networking opportunities can increase your business’ revenue. Debbie will walk you through ways to develop such relationships and advise you on how to create and maintain networking opportunities.

This service is designed specifically for you as an individual. All or some of these topics may appeal to you and you may have questions regarding topics not listed here. No question will be unanswered and no topic is off limits. Utilize Debbie in the ways that meet your needs and open your mind to all that she brings to your table!

Contact Kim in the ProDoula Home Office (914) 400-3494 to schedule “Debbie for a day!”