Alaiya Cave


CURRENT STATUS: Certified Labor Doula

BUSINESS NAME/AFFILIATION: Ala's Oasis Support Services

SERVICES PROVIDED: Labor Doula Services


AREAS SERVED: Omaha, NE, Lincoln, NE



Phone: (404) 590-4422


Professional Renewal Due: September 1st, 2022

Meet Your ProDoula

Background/Experience that you think is beneficial to Doula work: Ever since I was a child I knew I was destined to be of service to my community in some way. My interest began when I was only 4 when I expressed to my parents how I wanted to be a pediatrician. From then on I was immersed into STEM, going to summer science camps, taking all the science curriculum I could handle, and eventually going to college to study biology. During my time at Cheyney University I found that I was being called to not only have a text book understanding of different biological systems, but to experience the mechanisms of our environment in an ecological and holistic sense. I spent my last 2 years in college diving into the discipline of Environmental Science and Ecology. This provided opportunities for me to travel to different parts of the United States and study different plants, animals, and ecosystems to better understand our relationship with the Earth. I was raised to take care of my body nutritionally and physically, and over the timespan of my young life I built up an educational understanding of these philosophies. Being present in nature physically has also provided me with spiritual wisdom and love for life itself in its many forms. I believe it is this spiritual wisdom that led me to birth work, my inner calling was always one of service and once I studied and understood more of the natural mechanisms of the world, the role of the doula seemed like the ideal role for me.

What led you to become a Doula?: I recall having a conversation with one of my supervisors the summer of my senior year of college where she recounted her experience as a doula and support person in a women's clinic. She was the lead Wildlife Ecologist at a major National Park so I was inspired by the way she was able to support her community and also support the cause of environmental conservation. My mother's experience birthing me via cesarean caused her so much trauma that she chose not to have any more children. It has been well researched that black women are 3-4 times more likely to die from childbirth than any other race. We also experience more pregnancy related complications during pregnancy and postpartum. It has shown that just having the support of a doula can drastically change these statistics for birthing people in black and brown communities. With this knowledge I saw no other path for me than that of the doula. Seeing how support can completely change the outcome of someone's experience during this lifetime I knew this is where I needed to be.

What are some positive comments made about you by other people?:

“I seriously couldn’t have done it without you girl. You helped me so much, my family even loves you! Your support is what I believe made my VBAC possible.”

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