Beverley L Bouchard


CURRENT STATUS: CD Labor, Postpartum


SERVICES PROVIDED: Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula, CPST (car seat technician), SBD/When they mourn


AREAS SERVED: Fairfax to Fredericksburg to Richmond, King George to Charlottesville


Phone:  540-688-9100


Meet Your ProDoula

Background/Experience that you think is beneficial to Doula work: I am a Norland Nanny ( ), and have worked with babies and young children for about 40 years. I have been a foster parent to about 100 babies and toddlers and have also worked as a treatment foster parent to children with trust and attachment issues. I am NRP and CPST certified

What led you to become a Doula?: Love of babies and birth and the realization that women rarely get the birth they could have had, had their bodies and birth been respected

What are some positive comments made about you by other people?:

Intuitive, meets you were you are, empathetic, makes birth less scary, calm presence, great expertise,

What are your favorite pregnancy/parenting resources?: Books such as Spiritual Midwifery, Labour Progress Handbook, Why Love Matters; web sites such as Kelly Mom, LLL, SBD, Spinning babies, ProDoula page; and brainstorming with doula friends.

What thoughts come to mind when you see a pregnant woman or brand new mom?: She made it! I hope she had support. Do those around her see the magnitude of this moment? I hope she is truly loved.

What is the best gift you can give a new mom (as a Doula)?: Time, listening, sleep, maybe some insights

What is your favorite TV show or movie?: Rarely watch….maybe HGTV

What is your favorite place to vacation?: North Carolina or the UK

What is your favorite food?: Fruit, pizza, chocolate

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?: Sewing, knitting, reading, walking, sleeping. If Hubby is off too, working in the yard, walking, hanging out with him – watching football!

Who lives in your house?: Jim my husband, myself, Veronica (daughter) and her husband John, with grandchildren Annabelle 2years and Owen 10 months, till their house is built.