Erin Heywood


CURRENT STATUS: CD-Postpartum & Infant Care


SERVICES PROVIDED: Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Servies


AREAS SERVED: Etobicoke and Mississauga


Phone:  647-478-6197




Meet Your ProDoula

Background/Experience that you think is beneficial to Doula work: Mom to 3 kids and 1 cat. Beaver Scout Leader. Ran a Mom's group for Moms with newborns and up to 5 years old.

What led you to become a Doula?: On my own journey along the parenthood trail I have encountered so many joys and pitfalls, helpful people (and some not so helpful). I've had my own struggles in areas such as breastfeeding, postpartum depression and trying to do to much and learning to ask for help. I've also experienced so many joys and successes. My 3 children have been very different in personality and needs as newborns, I have first hand experience with the happy easy infant, the colicky "has to be held all the time" baby and everything in between.

What are some positive comments made about you by other people?:

“Vivacious and patient” – Lara R.; “She’s compassionate, organized, creative, caring and nurturing.” – Shannon C.; “Erin is a super human being. Her presence just makes you feel good, like her aura hugs you inside. Erin’s resourcefulness and quick thinking coupled with her caring personality make her someone that people naturally gravitate to.” Kim Q.

What are your favorite pregnancy/parenting resources?:, Google, Early Years Centres, Dr. Newman, The Leaky Boob and

What thoughts come to mind when you see a pregnant woman or brand new mom?: I feel excitement as they begin their journey as a first, second , third+ time parent. I hope they have the support in place to make it as smooth a transition as possible.

What is the best gift you can give a new mom (as a Doula)?: Helping them have the confidence in herself/himself to navigate this new world, both with baby, family and lifes responsibilities.

What is your favorite TV show or movie?: The Lord or the Rings Trilogy

What is your favorite place to vacation?: Italy

What is your favorite food?: Indian food

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?: Reading, geocaching with my family or seeing a movie.

Who lives in your house?: My husband, 3 children and a black cat named Squishy