Janinne Gardner




SERVICES PROVIDED: I provide services for families with a newborn baby. I am happy to provide day support with a four hour minimum. I also do nights only with a minimum of 8 hours. I can also do full time – day and nights. This is generally a 19 hour consecutive period. I can provide these services as either a Newborn Care Specialist or as a Postpartum Doula. I am also happy to provide temporary child care to all families of children all ages. As a postpartum doula I will help you adjust to your new normal by instructing the current practices in newborn care. As the primary care provider you mostly care for your newborn, I am there mostly as support. I take care of much of the background needs so you can focus on the needs of your baby and other children in the house with the comforting knowledge that I am there to help with the house upkeep or answer any questions. As a newborn care specialist I generally take care of your baby’s needs. This may be because you need to give special attention to the older child, or you need to go back to work earlier then expected. It may also be doing night care so you can get some much needed rest. Every family has different needs; I try to help out wherever you need. As a temporary child care provider I take care of the child at your residence or vacation place. Often times I am filling in for a vacationing nanny or the schedule is so that the parents need extra help for a short period of time. I may also be a combination of any and all of these as your needs require.


AREAS SERVED: Washington, DC metropolitan area, Montgomery County, MD, Fairfax & Arlington Counties in Virginia.


Email:  the10thmonth@gmail.com

Phone:  202-276-2345

Website:   www.childcaretogo.com

Meet Your ProDoula

Background/Experience that you think is beneficial to Doula work: I have been taking care of day old babies since 1995 when the family I was working for as a full time nanny brought home their second child. He was soon followed by three more siblings in four years. During this time I realized I loved working with babies. As a nanny I appreciate and enjoy all ages however I feel the first year of life to be the most amazing. I stayed with this family for nine years.

What led you to become a Doula?: In 2004 while on a temporary position through an agency, I met a woman who only did temporary child care. She traveled around the United States going wherever she was need for temporary child care. I was fascinated. I love to travel; I love taking care of children what a great combination. I joined the International Nanny Association and soon met other people who did both temporary child care and newborn care. In 2010 I went back to school at the Alexandria School in Solon, Ohio this was an intensive 80 plus hour program that also required practical work to get my certificate as a newborn care specialist. Since then I have been doing both temporary child care and newborn care, currently most of my temporary care is while waiting for babies to be born. This past September I decided to become a postpartum doula. I am working hard to get my certification and enjoying every minute of it.

What are some positive comments made about you by other people?:

Janinne Gardner has been wonderful to work with! We hired Janinne to help us get through and incredibly stressful period — moving from another state to the DC area, having a new baby, and starting a new job all within the same time period. Janinne has been and angel…arrived cheerful and helpful. She has been sweet and caring not only to our newborn but to our three other children.” Hannah S.

Janinne was the consummate professional and also personable and pleasant. She is honest, dependable and hard-working. I would not think twice about hiring her again. She made first-time parenthood a little less daunting for myself and my husband, and we are very grateful for her help in those first two formative weeks! Rachel & Seth K.

“Janinne helped us with night care for both of our girls and was extremely knowledgeable and also very reliable. She really knows her stuff and we never once had to worry about the babies while she was with them.” Kimbell W.

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