Zemekia Pearson-Lockett


CURRENT STATUS: Pre-CD Labor, Pre-Certified Childbirth Educator


SERVICES PROVIDED: Childbirth Education and Doula Support


AREAS SERVED: The greater Savannah Georgia area


Email: Naefemme23@yahoo.com

Phone: (901) 279-6144


Meet Your ProDoula

Background/Experience that you think is beneficial to Doula work: I am a Registered Nurse with almost 10 years of labor and delivery/ NICU experience.

What led you to become a Doula?: Coming from a family of midwives and having five children of own, birth work has always been both my purpose and passion.

What are some positive comments made about you by other people?:

People often compliment me on my nurturing, lively energy and warm spirit.

What are your favorite pregnancy/parenting resources?: "The Birth Partner" "Guide to Childbirth" "Archaeology of Mothering" "Birthing from Within: An Extraordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation"

What thoughts come to mind when you see a pregnant woman or brand new mom?: Newness and life

What is the best gift you can give a new mom (as a Doula)?: The best gift I can provide is knowledge.

What is your favorite TV show or movie?: Jeopardy

What is your favorite place to vacation?: Anywhere near a beach.

What is your favorite food?: Guacamole

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?: My favorite way to spend in an off day is being in the sun and enjoying a nice breeze.

Who lives in your house?: My husband and I along with our five children.