Is ProDoula a Doula MLM?

Doula MLM

Mary Kay, Avon, LuLaRoe, Herbalife, Amway and now… DOULA MLMs?!

A doula MLM?

Can this really be? Is ProDoula a Doula MLM?

MLMs or Multi-level Marketing companies have a long history of engaging individuals with get-rich products and promises. And now there’s talk of doulas doing this with their services. Could anything be more slimey?!?!

Before we judge, let’s first break down exactly what MLM means and take a closer look at the strategies behind them. 

The strategy behind an MLM is that the company’s revenue is derived from the sale of the product by a non-salaried group of individuals. The individuals buy the product from the company for one price (That’s how the company makes money) and sells it for a pre-determined increased price (That is how the individual makes money). The more the individual sells, the more product the individual must buy from the company. That is the marketing strategy.

Now let’s talk about the Multi-level part of an MLM.

The Multi-level part originates from what has been misconceived as a “pyramid scheme.” What actually is happening is that the individual selling products shares information with a friend or associate, and that person joins the team of the individual. A commission on what salesperson number 2 sells is paid by the company to salesperson number 1. The more “team members” accrued, the higher the commission rate to the original individual.

So, Multi-level Marketing refers to multiple streams of revenue:

  • Profit from selling the product
  • Profit from commissions based on the team’s sales

MLM’s are also referred to as “Network Marketing” opportunities.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is exactly what it says. It is using your personal network to promote your business. It is working to encourage your network to share with their network about you and the products you sell. This leads to referral marketing which is also commonly tied to MLMs. 

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is the practice of promoting products or services to potential customers by way of word of mouth. It often includes some type of gift or incentive. This is most commonly referred to as a “Hostess Gift” in the MLM world. I’m guessing you’re familiar with this type of offering…

So, now that we’ve cleared all of that up, let’s talk about the… Doula MLM.




ProDoula is a training and certification organization for birth workers. It offers an array of products and services, all designed to generate success for its customers and members.

Think of it in terms of the cosmetology industry. ProDoula would be the equivalent of the beauty school you attend in order to prepare yourself to provide salon ,services.

You would never give the beauty school a percentage of the services you sold once you began working, and…

You don’t EVER pay ProDoula ANY percentage on your earnings. EVER. FOR ANY REASON.

You also wouldn’t get a commission on any person’s earnings that you referred to the beauty school. I’m sure the cosmetology school would appreciate the referral and be happy to hear that you valued them enough to refer someone, BUT, you would NOT receive a commission on their future earnings.

Similarly, you would NOT earn a commission by referring someone to ProDoula for training and certification.

The idea that ProDoula is a Doula MLM is simply untruthful, wildly unappreciated and clearly shows a complete lack of understanding for business.

But, as you likely know, one of the reasons ProDoula exists is because of the industry’s overall lack of business acumen. 

Truth-seeker, I hope you have found this article helpful!