Starting a Doula Agency – 5 Tips

Posted on: August 5, 2021 | Doula Business How to start a doula agency

Starting a doula agency is likely much less complicated than you’d imagine. 

When we think about doing something we’ve never done before, we often allow fear, overwhelm and/or lack of knowledge to make it feel as though it is too difficult to achieve.

The old adage, “you can’t eat an elephant in one bite, but you can eat it one bite at a time” truly applies here. Now, I’m not saying you should eat an elephant. In fact, I’d like to go on record saying that you should not eat elephants at all. The point I’m making is that starting a doula agency is a process, and you do it one step at a time.

Here are 5 tips to starting a doula agency that every doula entrepreneur should know:

  1. You need a plan – A business plan that is! A business plan is your business’ strategic tool for decision making. It will not only enable you to focus on the specific details and steps necessary to build and grow, but it will also help you reach your short and long term goals. Don’t start a task of this size without a solid plan in place!
  2. You don’t have to be a busy independent doula first. What I mean is if you want to open a restaurant, don’t open a food truck business… Open a restaurant! The idea that you have to be a busy and successful independent doula before opening starting a doula agency is simply not true. 
  3. Build it on a strong foundation – Start by choosing a name for your business. Check your state’s business entity database to be sure the name is available. Once you establish that it is available, file for your LLC. That can also be done on your state’s website. Next, open your business bank account and acquire liability insurance.
  4. Make your business look good and sound great! Next up in starting a doula agency is… brand development. Strong brands are recognizable because they are consistent with everything they do. The language they use, the message they share, and the aesthetic that represents it speak clearly and directly to the target market they choose to serve.
  5. Don’t reinvent the wheel – Starting a doula agency may seem intimidating BUT, you don’t have to do it alone! I have walked hundreds of people through the process, and I’d love to help you too! I believe that you can do this with or without my support, but what I’m certain of is that I can get you there much quicker and much less painlessly! 

Authored by: Randy Patterson, ProDoula CEO