The ProDoula Diamond Award

The ProDoula 2015 Training & Development Team is proud to honor one doula each year who exemplifies the beauty, strength, determination and commitment of becoming a diamond, with the ProDoula Diamond Award.

One doula, who represents thousands.

This doula will be nominated by peers, selected by the 2015 Training & Development Team, and honored at the 2016 ProDoula conference

To nominate a ProDoula for this prestigious award, write a nomination letter to the 2015 Training & Development Team describing your nominee. Include what makes this doula beautiful and resilient. Specifically address how this doula has been put under tremendous pressure and in spite of it, continues to radiate strength and beauty. Use specific examples of both the pressures endured and the strength and beauty the nominee exhibits.

Please email nomination letters to

When we become a doula, we have the honor and privilege of supporting families during times of great vulnerability. We lift them when they are discouraged. We shine light in darkness. We circle them together to bond as families.

In order to do that, we establish our own support networks so that we are free to devote our complete attention to the needs of our client families. We understand that we cannot carry our own struggles into a client’s experience. So we fortify our renewal sources.

At times, overcoming obstacles in order to be fully present for our clients requires Herculean strength.

We are human, after all. The challenges that we face in our own lives can sometimes feel like the weight of a mountain.

As the crushing pressure bears down on us, we summon every ounce of strength and every particle of determination in order to overcome.

Deep in the earth’s mantle, far below the crust, there is a similar process occurring.

At depths of 80 to 120 miles under the surface, and at infernal temperatures, for unbearably long periods of time, common substances are undergoing metamorphosis.

Carbon is turning to diamond.

Newly created diamond is then funneled up to minable depths through searing magma chambers. But the work is not done. It must be mined, cleaned, cut and polished before the diamond ever displays its true beauty.

In a similar process, we as humans, also endure the ravaging heat and pressure of life’s challenges.

If we overcome the inner transformation, we are then rewarded with the greater challenge of passing from one environment to another; often a process about as intense as a magma chamber.

But the work is not finished yet. We must also be refined. The cleaning, cutting and polishing that we experience in our lives and work, is a painful and inspiring process.

Until finally, we can stand before the world to be judged, radiating the true beauty and strength that we have acquired.