Ashley Dare (she/her)

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CURRENT STATUS: Certified Elite Labor Doula/Trainer, Certified Elite Postpartum & Infant Care Doula/Trainer, Certified Infant Feeding Educator/Trainer, Certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist/Trainer

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Meet Your Doula Trainer

Ashley is a passionate woman who “Dares” to make a difference in the lives of the people she meets. Her ability and desire to be present for others; to truly see them, hear them, and validate them is at the heart of her work as a doula and doula trainer. Ashley cares, and you feel that when you’re in her space.

Her passion for birth work manifested early in life. She remembers spending hours with her mom completely engrossed in TLC’s “A Baby Story.” Each episode bringing her closer and closer to the connection she would come to know with new parents as they navigate the early days, weeks and months with a new baby.

She’s always been drawn to birth, babies, and new parents. During her own family building journey, Ashley experienced the devastation of back-to-back miscarriages. She was later surprised to learn that not even her enthusiasm and fascination for birth and babies could prevent the onset of postpartum depression and anxiety… Ashley struggled, and once she found her way, it became clear to her that supporting others on their family building journeys would become her life’s work. Soon after, Ashley began training to become a certified doula.

Ashley is a member of the ProDoula Training & Development Team and trains professionals to become Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas, Certified Labor Doulas, and Certified Infant Feeding Educators. As an educator, Ashley is most proud of her ability to build dialogue around topics that may be triggering to learners while creating a safe and supportive space for processing. The doula spirit within Ashley is always attuned to the support needs of others.

Clients describe Ashley as a knowledgeable and professional “friend” who is conscientious, and easy to talk to. Ashley comes to each family with an ability to generate creative solutions based on the unique needs of each client.

When not training doulas or working with her clients, Ashley enjoys reading, baking, and crafting. She maintains a strong emphasis on personal development, and loves to end the work week with a family game night with her husband, Brad, and their 2 children.

Ashley has spent hundreds of hours supporting new families in labor and as they bring home their baby/babies. Ashley has specific expertise in working with families of multiples and families seeking postpartum support through an adoption or foster care experience. She spent years as a postpartum doula in Virginia, at the forefront of postpartum support in her region, working to include adoptive and foster families in the conversations surrounding postpartum support. Ashley brings confidence and energy to everyone she meets. She is committed to helping new doulas meet their goals, know their worth, and pursue their passion for this career. Ashley is an independent contractor for Doulas of Cincinnati, and the Managing Director of Virginia Family Doulas.

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