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CURRENT STATUS: Labor and Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Trainer

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Christi has been serving her community as a doula since 2009. She began as a solo doula before serving on the Board of Directors for a doula collective. During her time as a board member, she influenced professional standards within the local doula community and helped open up doors of communication with providers. She currently co-owns Doulas of Bellingham where she continues to elevate professional standards of unbiased support through her team. Christi has been invited to speak with local providers and hospital administration to build bridges with doulas and providers, hospitals and birth centers to create more cohesive working relationships that better serve clients.

Expertise as related to the Labor Doula Course Offering:

Christi has watched and led the way for significant change in the professionalism of labor doulas, while supporting hundreds of clients over the years. Her expertise enables doulas to be more prepared for the variety of options a client chooses in their birth experience while being confident in their ability to provide unbiased support. Her way of presenting interventions and provider tools without fear-based/misinformed agenda leaves doulas with a better understanding of what it means to support all client decisions without personal influence. Christi’s in-depth knowledge of the labor process and comfort measures helps doula better understand their role.

Expertise as related to the Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Course Offering:

Christi has been working with postpartum families as a doula for over 5 years and has been a trusted support person for families for over 10 years before officially becoming a postpartum doula. She recognizes that every family’s needs are different and the role of a doula is to meet families where they are, helping in ways that are tangible to those needs. As a doula agency owner, she mentors her own postpartum doulas in how to provide support. In addition to being a certified postpartum doula, she has taken additional courses in cloth diapering, infant feeding and infant sleep methods.