Emily Johnson

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CURRENT STATUS: Labor and Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Trainer

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Emily has been captivated by pregnancy and childbirth since she was a little girl. Her Barbies were always pregnant (wearing handmade maternity jumpers) and she had perfected a pillow baby bump by age 9! As she grew older, Emily read every book she could find about pregnancy and childbirth and, in one of those books, discovered the role of a doula. 

She began working as a doula part-time in 2009, and following the birth of her first child four years later, quit her day job and jumped headfirst into doula work full-time. As a DONA certified birth doula, Emily ran a successful, fully-booked, solo doula practice for the following 2.5 years. In 2015, pregnant again and on the verge of burnout, she was added to a ProDoula run facebook group. She knew, right away, that she had found her home. The focus on unbiased support for all goals and choices, coupled with sage business advice was exactly what she needed to push forward.

In August of 2015, Emily took her first ProDoula training. In March of the following year, she launched her flourishing doula agency, Doulas of Cincinnati. Through mentorship of the doulas in her agency and in her local community, Emily discovered her passion for motivating others to achieve their personal and professional goals. As a member of the ProDoula Training and Development Team, Emily is proud to share her almost eleven years of experience and enthusiasm for this profession with doulas across the country!

Emily lives in Kentucky with her husband, Jay, two daughters, June & Magnolia, a son, Benjamin, and two dogs, Ollie & Odin.