Tanya Grabbe

ProDoula Doula Trainer

CURRENT STATUS: Certified Labor and Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Trainer, Certified Elite Labor and Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, Certified V-BAC Specialist

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Tanya took her very first Doula training in the summer of 2015, but her passion for empowering new parents began as an early teen. She provided care for newborns and toddlers for 20 years prior to becoming a doula and worked closely with couples as they settled into their new role as parents. In 2017, Tanya opened her Doula agency, and now has 10 doulas on her team who provide Labor Support and Postpartum & Infant Care Support to numerous families each year. Beginning in 2018, Tanya has held a large community Baby Expo in her area 3 times, with more events planned annually. These events are attended by over 500 people each time, and over 50 vendors participate, including local hospitals, OBs, Midwives, Chiropractors, and more. She speaks publicly at these events and at other events locally about the birthing process, the postpartum recovery period, and newborn care. Tanya runs a local Facebook Group for people who are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have recently given birth. She also teaches a Childbirth Education Class monthly, and has become a trusted expert on birth and newborns in her community.

Expertise as related to the Labor Doula Course Offering:

Tanya took her first Labor Doula training in 2015 and has attended this training as an alumnus each year. She has also attended the yearly ProDoula conference, where she is given the opportunity to hear from experts in the birth field on new advances and research that enrich her knowledge on various topics related to Birth. Tanya has attended numerous births in the hospital and birth center setting, and has supported women through medicated birth, non-medicated birth, and cesarean section birth. In addition to attending births, Tanya also reads books, current articles and new research on the topic of birth to further deepen her understanding of the birth process and the needs of the pregnant person through said process. Tanya regularly holds Birth Planning Sessions with expectant parents and excels at educating adults in the process of birth and in explaining the options they have in regards to their birth experience. Tanya also serves as a Childbirth Educator and teaches private and group classes on a monthly basis.

Expertise as related to the Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Course Offering:

Tanya took her first Postpartum & Infant Care Training in 2015 and has attended this training as an alumnus each year. She has also taken a Caring for Multiples Training, a Newborn Care Specialist Training, The TummyTime Method Training, and studied Early Childhood Development to deepen her understanding of Newborns and the newly Postpartum Mother. Tanya has supported numerous families as a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. Each new family comes with their own special set of circumstances and challenges, and there is something new to be learned with every experience. Tanya spends time with each new family before their baby is born to help them create a plan for their postpartum recovery. Some topics of focus include meal prep, household tasks, family help, overnight care, newborn care, newborn sleep, and newborn feeding.