Join Randy “The Rock n’ Roll Doula” Patterson and Social Media Maven, Erica Patterson of Yellow Jacket Social, as old school business experience meets modern day technology for this action packed event.

This 10 hour, hands on workshop, focused on your business’s virtual presence, will give you the tools you need to make a strong and lasting impression, while staying engaged with your target market. The following is an outline of this workshop. Exercises to affirm your complete understanding of topics will follow each session. Plan to work your ass off as this workshop is only for business owners serious about reaching the next level. You will be challenged but fully supported around every bend. We will give you the tools and teach you how to implement them. This knowledge will build your confidence and everyone knows… confidence is the best accessory! Are you ready to be virtually present?!

Topics for this intensive workshop include:

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Social Media

  • Establishing your profile
    • The perfect formula for an effective profile
  • Establishing priorities
    • Evaluating the most popular platforms
    • Establishing 3 platforms as your focus based on your target audience
  • Defining your brand aesthetically to capture your market
    • Curating visually cohesive feeds across all social media platforms
  • Content coordination
    • Content type ratios, caption composition DISC, hashtags, geotagging and user tagging
  • Analytics
    • How to track growth
  • Complimentary Apps & programs
    • Complimentary Apps for social media


  • How to make your “landing page” TAKE OFF!
    • The perfect “formula” for your business’s home page
  • Home, About, Services, Blog and Contact
    • Writing for the web in all 4 languages - DISC
    • Word mapping & brainstorming
    • Writing web content that speaks the language of your target market
    • Writing about benefits vs. features
  • Rack cards
    • Writing copy that entices consumers to take the next step
    • Short, sweet and to the point


  • Blogging for SEO
    • Discovering your expertise
    • Brainstorming the search
    • Building your “libraries”
    • Connecting the dots
  • Blogging your brand’s message
    • Utilize your blog to attract your target demographic
    • How to convey ‘tone’ in writing
    • Tell the world who you are, what you believe in and what you stand for!

Electronic Newsletter

  • How to design & utilize templates
    • Developing and implementing your brand’s aesthetic in your newsletters
    • Adding links, buttons, images, text while designing a newsletter that's cohesive with your brand
  • How to create subscriber lists for a variety of scenarios
    • Pros and cons to having multiple lists
    • Resources on how to gather contacts for said lists
  • Occasions that would prompt a newsletter
    • What to write about?
    • Am I being annoying?
    • Understanding and identifying newsletter occasions
    • Perfecting an approach for each occasion
  • Newsletter Writing Style
    • Eliminating ‘robotic’ tendencies
    • Humanizing your approach for a more personable read
    • Incorporating DISC

Press Releases

  • Writing a press release
    • The “formula” of a press release
    • When details and flair meet
  • Writing a post press release
    • That’s a wrap!
    • The benefits of a post press release
  • Building your media network


  • Attending an event
    • Social media before, during and after
    • Booth set up that compliments your brand
    • Promotional contests
  • Hosting an event
    • Types of events
    • Budgeting
    • Choosing date and location
    • Insurance
    • Sponsors and vendors
    • Building committees
    • Gathering volunteers
    • Marketing and social media
    • Day of event
    • Event recap blog / Newsletter
    • Post press release
    • Preparing for next year

Defending your Virtual Presence & Maintaining Boundaries

  • Handling a negative review
  • When to bend and when to stay strong
  • Navigating social media in times of crisis
  • Religion/holidays
  • Virtual boundaries
The cost for this all day workshop is $350

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