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Become a Doula

Articles about the motivation behind why people choose to become doulas, and the process for becoming one

Doula Training

These articles share the doula training experience, and information regarding what to expect during one

Doula Certification

Everything you need to know about the process of earning and maintaining your doula certification

Infant Feeding

These articles provide ideas, education, and insight on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and a combination of both

Labor & Birth

Articles on pregnancy, labor, labor doulas, birth, interventions, comfort measures and childbirth education


The physical and emotional postpartum recovery period, including postpartum mental health and newborn care articles

Doula Business

How to build and grow your doula business, including marketing, networking, pricing, contracts, systems and more

Doula Self-Care

Self-care ideas and strategies to learn to care for yourself, so that you can sustainably care for and support others

Doula Inspiration

These articles are intended to inspire you to grow and thrive into the fierce doula entrepreneur you are meant to be!

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