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Saturday, June 23rd

Doulas destigmatize “Eyes and Thighs”

Eyes and Thighs and Parent’s OH MYS! When I was a new doula, I brought a lot of preconceived notions and personal bias to the table. There were times, I am ashamed to admit, I came to prenatal visits with my own list of “shoulds and shouldn’ts” for my client. I felt justified because some […]

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Doula Business, The Best Communicators are the Best Listeners

After taking a doula training, one of the first things on any new doula’s mind is how to find doula clients. And the answer lies in being one of the best communicators possible! You want to help improve birth and the postpartum period, and you know that you could do it, if only you could […]

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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea; An Herbal Supplement for Labor

In the days before I was a professional doula, I was a retail manager at a health food co-op. I spent my free time teaching myself about different healing modalities and natural folk remedies. I was drawn to the fact that, in theory, if you have the right information, there is a world of medicine […]

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Prolactin & Oxytocin: The Build Up & The Let Down

As doulas, we have probably come to expect certain things following birth. The feeling of welcoming new life into the world is always indescribable. The need for a good post-birth meal should never be ignored. And our clients will be dealing with some serious postpartum hormones. These things are just a given. And if your client […]

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Doula Support: What No One is Able To Teach You

Most of the time, doula support descriptions involve visions of loud or conspicuous actions: Significant position changes Noticeable actions like physically holding up the dangling client or obvious hip squeezing Verbal guidance that includes vocalization and directed breathing Moving through the room for cold or warm compresses, hydration, etc

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Water Birth: What’s in the Water?!

Moan and Tone.
 You know the sounds…the ones that tell you it’s a good time to get your client in the water for her water birth. You get the lights dim. You call the nurse and you get the tub filled.

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Vernix: I said hold the cheese!

This conversation may make things between you and your morning bagel awkward and I’m sorry for that, but there’s no denying the resemblance between vernix, and the delicious spread for bagels known as…cream cheese! Because blood and fluid all over our brand new baby, isn’t enough, they needed a dollop of cream cheese smeared all […]

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​Networking and Other Scary Stuff we do for Business

So you’ve finished your doula training and you are now a Pre-Certified Doula. Congratulations!!! Oh, and one other thing: You are now a business owner too. Gulp. If you were like me when I first started in the birth work field, that second part did not excite you as much as the first. In fact, […]

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“Baby Doula” Turns “Big Girl Doula” Overnight!

“But I’m just a baby doula!” These were the words that I practically wailed to myself as I packed up my car and zoomed down the highway to meet my FIRST clients at the hospital for the birth of their baby. It was happening! My first birth as a doula! How exciting! My work partner […]

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