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Tuesday, December 11th

A Doula Trainer’s Resignation

I quit. For real. No, it’s not click bait. I actually quit. I’ve been a doula for 9 years. I started this career around the same time my youngest was born, teaching childbirth classes and supporting families through birth. My passion for this work arose from the lack of options I experienced when faced with […]

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Health Canada Placenta Win

Health Canada recently confirmed it’s position around placenta encapsulation in Canada through the Information Update RA-68368 released on November 27, 2018. The Health Canada placenta statement can be broken down into three important elements:

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Balancing Doula Work and Family Life

If you’re doing doula work and you already know me, you have likely asked me this question: “What’s the formula for how to do doula work and build a business, while also being a parent, partner, and person… it feels so overwhelming right now.” You’ve asked me how I manage it all, hoping to find some […]

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The Doula Payment Plan

By now we are all well aware that hiring a doula is an expense that can be difficult to fit into the average budget. Doulas are raising their rates which historically have been far too low in order to survive on this work alone. And that makes doulas even less affordable for some families.

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New Doulas, This One’s For You!

ProDoula doulas are ready to serve and support as brand new doulas and I have evidence! I have spent the past couple of days pulling client evaluations from doula certification packets here in the office so that I can prove to you that when ProDoula trains new doulas they should charge their worth from the […]

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What I learned From ProDoula

The skills that I have learned from ProDoula have changed me. They have changed me as a person, as a wife, as a doula, as a colleague, and as an entrepreneur. To be honest with you, I am very business minded. I care greatly about systems, search engine optimization, creating jobs for other women, and […]

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How Can I Doula With No Experience?

I have been a postpartum doula for over three years now – I have supported nearly 100 families and spent 1000s of hours in their homes, providing doula support. I am the co-owner of a full-service doula agency and a trainer hatith ProDoula. And at least once a week, I get emails from new doulas […]

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Maternal Mental Health Emergencies – Doulas, Are You Prepared?

Maternal mental health emergencies. I am a postpartum doula, not a birth doula. So my phone usually doesn’t ring at 4:30am. That was clue number one that something was wrong. My second clue? The panicked voice of a close family member on the other end of the line, imploring me to help. Help with what? […]

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Doula Speaks Out, Doula Speaking Engagements

More doulas than I can count find themselves in a full panic at the idea of speaking publicly about the services they provide. So let’s tackle the elephant in the room! Doula Speaking Engagements. Attuning to others, is one of the primary talents doulas possess.

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