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Become a Certified Infant Feeding Educator and prepare new families for empowered infant feeding journeys!

"ProDoula is an approved provider of nursing professional development by the South Carolina Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation."
This training must be attended in its entirety in order to benefit from the 17 CNEs approved by the American Nurse Association.

This 20 hour course, combined with its corresponding comprehensive certification exam will equip you with the skills and credentials necessary to teach Infant Feeding Education classes in your community, and beyond.

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Obtain the knowledge and skills to teach all infant feeding modalities from birth through the first year of life from an evidence based perspective that is free of bias and judgment.
  2. Master the insight and compassion to teach infant feeding to a diverse audience whose desires and choices are based on their individualized physical, medical, emotional, environmental, financial, cultural, and mental circumstances.
  3. Properly interpret the Infant Feeding Educator scope of practice and appropriately recognize when referring to a qualified medical professional becomes necessary.
  4. Obtain a comprehensive understanding of how to develop, package, and price your infant feeding classes, and utilize your certified infant feeding educator credential to grow your business.
  5. Acquire a clear understanding of the next steps to completing the Infant Feeding Educator certification process.
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As an Infant Feeding Educator, you will have the privilege of guiding expectant families through the evidence-based information that will enable empowered decision making regarding how they will feed their babies.

Families will reap the benefits of your classes as you assist them in the following ways:

  • Exploring expectations to help them formulate short and long term goals.
  • Providing evidence-based information on common infant feeding topics through the first year of their baby’s life. This includes breast/chest feeding, pumping, bottle feeding, formula feeding, and solids.
  • Building realistic expectations for the early postpartum adjustment period
  • Understanding how newborn behaviors impact feedings.
  • Enabling then to identifying needs as they arise, such as feeding tools and vetted community resources.
  • Enabling them to recognize the signs of healthful feeding and when they might seek out the support of a professional.
  • Preparing them to know how and when goals or feeding methods may need a slight adjustment and the alternate options available when necessary.

Let your passion for supporting the infant feeding journeys of new and expectant families be the driving force to your certification as an Infant Feeding Educator!

This 20 hour training must be attended in its entirety. Cost for this 2 day intensive is $595 (US Dollars) plus an additional first year membership fee of $95 (US Dollars). Annual membership fee for each subsequent year is $75 (US Dollars).

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