ProDoula’s Grievance Policy

ProDoula Grievance Policy

  1. A GRIEVANCE shall be defined as an objection or complaint lodged against a ProDoula trainer, member, or representative; arising from alleged inappropriate or unprofessional behavior.
  2. A GRIEVANCE may be filed by any person, including but not limited to, a client, a client’s partner, a family, a nurse, a doctor, a care provider, a hospital employee, a hospital administrator, another doula, a doula trainer, a ProDoula owner or employee.
  3.  Prior to filing a GRIEVANCE, ProDoula would like to assist in mediation. The Grievance Committee will make every attempt at conflict resolution. In the event the conflict is not able to be resolved, a GRIEVANCE may be filed. Please complete the Preliminary Complaint form in its entirety. You will receive a response within 24 business hours.
  4. If mediation does not resolve the matter and the complainant wishes to move forward with a formal GRIEVANCE, the GRIEVANCE must be submitted in writing to the ProDoula Grievance Committee within one year of the event or behavior and must include: the name(s) of all parties involved, a detailed account of the event(s) or behavior(s), and all forms of evidence — including but not limited to witness statement(s). A grievance submission form shall be made available to any person making such a request. Submissions may be mailed to ProDoula, One West Court Square Suite 750 Decatur, GA 30030 (please request a delivery confirmation – NOT SIGNATURE), or emailed to, the subject should be GRIEVANCE SUBMISSION. The Grievance Committee will confirm receipt of the grievance by certified mail.
  5. The subject of the grievance will be notified of the filed grievance by certified mail. The subject will be given 45 days from the date of the notification to respond to all allegations.
  6. Copies of all submissions regarding the particular grievance will be provided to each member of the Grievance Committee.
  7. All parties involved in the grievance procedure, including the complainant, subject, members of the Grievance Committee and all ProDoula officers agree to keep confidential all grievances, discussions, correspondence, decisions, negotiations, conclusions and sanctions arising from the filed grievance.
  8. Deliberations of the Grievance Committee shall remain confidential. The committee shall discuss and deliberate only the facts and circumstances surrounding the grievance in question. Prior Grievance Committee decisions regarding the subject involved may be considered by the committee in its recommendation of sanctions.
  9. The Grievance Committee will endeavor to render a fair and impartial decision. The Committee’s decision is final and it will decide any sanction or penalty.
  10. Sanctions or penalties rendered by the Committee may include a warning; formal reprimand; additional training requirements; one-on-one coaching; a probationary period; removal of credentials; removal of certification; removal of membership status.
  11. All parties shall be notified of the decision of the Grievance Committee by certified mail. The Grievance Committee will endeavor to resolve the grievance within 60 days of receipt of the subject’s submission in response to the objection or complaint. The Grievance Committee’s decision is final.
  12. A GRIEVANCE that is not found to be in violation of ProDoula’s Membership Agreement or Standards of Professionalism, may summarily be dismissed by the Committee with notification to all parties involved.
  13. As a requirement of certification, the Doula agrees to the above procedures and will have no right to sue for damages.
  14. This grievance policy and procedure is essential to our organization. ProDoula professionals must demonstrate professional behavior and ethics at all times. These procedures provide a mechanism through which the public and community of Doulas may be protected for alleged misconduct by anyone affiliated with ProDoula.