How, When & Why CBE Teaching Curriculum

The How, When & Why CBE Teaching Curriculum – $320

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Become a Certified Childbirth Educator.

*Certification is not required for this purchase!

Everything a family needs to know about childbirth can be answered in 3 simple questions.

How? When? And Why?

  1. How is that done?
  2. When would I need that?
  3. Why would I need that?
The How, When & Why CBE Curriculum is a comprehensive and easily digested, evidence based curriculum that you can purchase and call your own. That’s right, you can brand it with your business’s logo and colors.

You no longer have to promote another organization if you want to teach CBE and don’t have your own curriculum.

This 50+ page program is approximately 9 hours in length of teaching time and includes the following topics (Sub-topics are not included in this list):

  • Birth Partner Communication
  • Hopes, Wishes & A Written Plan
  • Common Pregnancy Complaints
  • Packing Your Birth Bag
  • Nutrition and Weight Gain
  • Common Prenatal Testing of the 2nd & 3rd Trimester
  • Anatomy of Labor and Birth
  • Squeeze, Squat, Squirm –The GPS of Birth
  • Fetal Position
  • The Labor Process
  • The Three Stages of Labor
  • Trial of Labor and VBAC
  • Non-Medical Pain Relief & Comfort Measures
  • Medical Pain Relief
  • Positions for Labor & Birth
  • Interventions
  • The Welcoming Hour

  Separate outlines for a variety of classes are included with purchase:

  • Communication, Comfort and Position (2 hour class)
  • Birth: The Process, The Pain and The Positions (3 hour class)
  • Full Day (9 hour class)
  • 3 Week Full Series (3 hours each class)
  • Resource included for creating Private Customized Classes

Instructor guide and all handouts are included.

Purchase the ProDoula How, When & Why CBE Teaching Curriculum for $320.