Career Choices for Becoming a Doula

Being a doula is not one size fits all – there are choices to be made and options to be evaluated. Regardless of your path, ProDoula provides each member training and certification with support and guidance necessary to thrive!

Independent Doulas

You can become a doula and work independently. This allows you to make your own rules; you decide when you want to work, how to market and sell your services and what those services will be. With the freedom and flexibility to make all of your rules, comes responsibility and pressure that can be overwhelming or unfamiliar – ProDoula can help you to navigate and overcome these challenges by:

  • Helping you develop strategies, budgets and back-office systems
  • Providing advice and guidance in establishing your business and creating the balance that is right for you and your family
  • Developing marketing materials to help you stand out as a professional

Agency Doula

Many people become a doula and work for a doula agency. This type of work allows you to work for clients without any of the time or expenses associated with running a business and finding those clients. You are paid for the time you are working, although at a rate that is lower than what you would make as an independent doula. ProDoula can provide you guidance to:

  • Establish all necessary legal/ financial protections for yourself – setting up LLC, insurance, etc.
  • Establish boundaries and clear communication with the agency
  • Negotiate pay/ terms and conditions of contract with the agency

Agency Owner

Become a certified doula and own a doula agency. For the entrepreneur turned doula, or doula turned entrepreneur, this is an incredibly rewarding opportunity – personally and financially. It puts you in the driver seat, setting an agency agenda and becoming a leader of women. In this scenario, you are not only responsible for your own financial success or failure, but also that of the independent contractors under your agency. It can be stressful and overwhelming but in the end, the best decision you ever made. ProDoula can provide a tremendous amount of support and advice by:

  • Sharing the company history of Northeast Doulas – that which has worked, not worked, required adjustments
  • Providing guidance on how to find, train and inspire doulas
  • Guiding you on how to set up the relationship – financially as well as the legal structure and business flow of information
  • Creating subcontractor agreements
  • Providing strategies and resources for various marketing and network strategies, necessary to keep your doulas working
  • And so much more