Attend a Placenta Prep Training

Placenta prep's workshop will walk you through the history of placenta use, help you explore the wonder of this fascinating organ and educate you on the preparation and benefits of consumption.

The most comprehensive training available, asserting the highest safety standards in the industry.

This program, and the corresponding certification process have been modified to accommodate virtual learners during the pandemic. While continuing to maintain the absolute highest standards in the industry, this program will now include a step by step demonstration under high quality lighting with extremely close up views.


Workshop Outline

Topics for this engaging and comprehensive workshop include:

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The Placenta

  • Anatomy
  • Terms and definitions
  • The history of placenta use
  • Placenta form and function
  • Honoring the placenta

The Client

  • Hospital release of placenta
  • Understanding the client’s needs
  • Client communication, DISC
  • The early postpartum period
  • Physical, educational and emotional support
  • Client intake questionnaire
  • Client packing list

Encapsulation Methods

  • Research and studies
  • Traditional Method
    • Step by step instruction and demonstration
  •  Raw Method
    • Potential drawbacks
  •  Placenta tincture
    • Step by step instruction and demonstration
  •  Sanitation and universal precautions

Placenta Consumption

  • Pregnancy conditions in relation to ingestion
  • Meconium and the placenta
  • Circumstances preventing ingestion
  • Guidelines for consumption

Placenta Art and Keepsakes

  • Prints
    • Instruction and demonstration
  • Umbilical cord keepsakes
    • Instruction and demonstration
  • Placenta jewelry
  • Exploring other creative options

Equipment and Supplies

  • Purchasing proper equipment
  • Sanitizing and storing equipment
  • Bottles, jars and labels

Business Tools and Information

  • Transportation and preparation location
  • Business structure and insurance
  • Pricing
  • Contracts
  • Payments
  • Client follow up
  • Branding and marketing materials
  • FAQs
  • Unusual circumstances

The process for becoming a Certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist, is as follows:

  • Register for, and attend a Postpartum Placenta Specialist Training
  • Complete the Biologix Bloodborne Pathogens certification for Placenta Encapsulation professionals, independently. (Biologix)
  • Complete the Food Safety: First Principles for Food Handlers Online Program (
  • Required reading:
    • Postpartum Placenta Specialist manual (provided via mail upon registration)
    • Cultural Competence Resource V1 (ProDoula Shop)
  • Provide documentation of 1 encapsulation.
    • Must provide photos and a written timeline to be uploaded to your online certification exam
  • Successfully complete the online comprehensive Postpartum Placenta Specialist Certification Exam, including the following mediums:
    • Multiple choice
    • True/False
    • Short answer
    • Upload Photos and timeline
  • The ProDoula office will contact you with your exam results once all parts of your exam have been completed and submitted.

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Cost for program is $595 (US Dollars)

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