8 Hour - Labor Doula Master Class

Become a Certified VBAC Specialist!

This 8-hour advanced level doula training combines the human element of supporting clients during birth, with the evidence-based science behind it. Upon completion of this live and interactive, virtual class, you will have earned the title, Certified VBAC Specialist.

Immerse yourself in evidence based birth topics that will elevate your role as a doula, prepare you to support clients choosing vaginal birth after cesarean, and expand your knowledge base as a professional.

Co-facilitated by industry leaders Randy Patterson, ProDoula CEO, and Angela Horn, ProDoula Director of Research and Development, this class, combined with the 20-hour ProDoula Doula training, meets the 28 contact hour requirement set forth by Medicaid in most states.

Topics include:

  • The Sequence of Support
  • Measuring Attunement
  • Attunement vs. Management
  • Asking Thought-Provoking Questions
  • Codependency in Birth Work
  • Boundary Setting
  • VBAC Definitions and Data
  • VBAC Benefits and Risks
  • Hospitals and Providers – VBAC Progressive, or VBAC Oppressive
  • Contraindications and Barriers to VBAC
  • The VBAC Prenatal Visit
  • The VBAC Labor Support
  • The VBAC Postpartum Follow Up Visit
  • Fetal Positioning
  • Myths surrounding Fetal Positioning
  • The Pelvis – Why it Matters
  • The Uterus – It’s Influence on Fetal Rotation
  • The 7 Cardinal Movements
  • Self-Advocacy
  • The Doula’s Role in Empowerment

8 Hour – Labor Doula Master Class – $295

This 8-hour class must be attended in its entirety. The cost for this 1 day intensive is $295.00 You must be a ProDoula member, or become one in order to attend. ProDoula membership is $75.00 the first year. Annual membership fee for each subsequent year is $50.00.


Upcoming Labor Doula Master Classes


12/16/2021 | Labor Doula Master Class - Virtual, 9:30AM - 6PM, EST

Trainers: Randy Patterson and Angela Horn

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