Doula Cross Certification



What is Cross Certification for Doulas? 

Cross Certification offers the opportunity to doulas who have been trained by other organizations to earn their doula certification through ProDoula.

Are you ready to Cross Certify with ProDoula?

The process is amazing and we know that it will speak to your desire to learn, grow and feel supported on your journey as a professional doula!

Do I qualify?

  • Have you trained as a doula and not completed the certification portion? You qualify!
  • Have you taken an in person OR online doula training in the past 7 years? You qualify!
  • Are you currently a certified doula? You qualify!
  • Have you begun or completed the cross certification process with ProDoula and want to take advantage of the expanded program? You qualify!
  • Do you want to hold certifications with multiple organizations? You qualify!

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Labor Doula Cross Certification Process

Postpartum Cross Certification Process

Cross Certification Upgrade Process

Why doulas Cross Certify with ProDoula

There are many reasons a doula chooses ProDoula as the organization for their certification. Doula feedback includes: