Social Media Consulting

Perfect Your Virtual Social Skills. On average, ¼ of a person’s time on the internet is spent on social media platforms. Social Media, commonly misinterpreted as a “fad”, is a real medium of communication that can be utilized for its ability to spread the word and enhance the presence of your business. Without a strategy, social presence alone is useless.

Through this 40 minute consult with Social Media Mastermind, Erica Patterson you will learn to:

  • Construct a unique and personalized social media formula, based on a series of statistics and reports, generating a larger more diverse demographic.
  • Virtually connect with your clients through friendly and personable interactions, which ultimately “humanize” your brand.
  • Learn to accrue followers and potential clients, in an incredibly professional, informative and modern manner while enticing and educating your target audience with unique visuals and illuminating content.

social media consultant

Erica’s introduction to the art world started with a position as a blogger for an internationally distributed art magazine. Her position quickly evolved into brand manager, taking on the task of “gatekeeper” for the brand’s reputation, the brand’s voice to customers and the media, and as the architect of the brand’s image. Since then, Erica a born entrepreneur, launched Yellow Jacket Social. Yellow Jacket Social specializes in the virtual representation of artists, makers and creative business owners worldwide. As the daughter and social media consultant of Randy “The Rock n’ Roll Doula” Patterson, Erica has brought her talents to the doula industry to help elevate the profession and support doulas on their business journeys.


40 minute initial consult – $150 (US Dollars)

30 minute follow up – $100 (US Dollars)

Appointments may be purchased and scheduled by calling ProDoula (914) 400-3494