Social Media Consulting

Perfect Your Virtual Social Skills.

Social Media is a real method of communication that can be utilized for its ability to spread the word and enhance the presence of your business. Without a strategy, a social presence alone is useless. This 45-minute virtual and interactive consultation focuses on your business’s social media presence, giving you the tools you need to make a strong and lasting impression, while staying engaged with your target market and attracting your clientele.

A social media consult will teach you to:

  • Construct a unique, personalized and realistic strategy
  • Curate a professional, informative and modern brand presence
  • Educate and entice your target market with unique visuals and illuminating content
  • Virtually connect with your clients through brand humanization
  • Generate a larger, more diverse clientele


Specializes in the virtual representation of artists, makers and creative business owners worldwide and has brought her talents to the doula industry to help elevate the profession and support doulas on their business journeys.

Pricing: (Financing Available)

45 minute initial consult (purchase here) – $175 USD 

30 minute follow up – $100 USD

Quarterly follow up consultation package – $400 USD

Brand: Vision Identity Kit- $850 USD

For appointments or to learn more about financing, call the ProDoula Office: (914) 400-3494