Levels of Doula Certification

The path begins with your doula training but the professionalism evolves with certification!


Pre-Certified Doula – Fee is covered in your training registration fee

Pre-Certified doula is the title you will use immediately following your in-person doula training. Upon completion of your doula training, you will be prepared to begin supporting clients immediately. A contract for doula services is included in your training manual to enable you to professionally engage in a contractual relationship with your very first clients.


Certified Doula – Fee is covered in your training registration fee

Once you have attended your doula training, you will be invited to the Doula Learning Channel to begin taking your online comprehensive doula certification exam. Your successful completion of the certification exam and a copy of your CPR certification will earn you the designation of ProDoula Certified Doula.


Certified Elite Doula – $50 Application fee

Certified Elite Doula is the next level certification designation available for you to earn. This designation shows clients and other birth professionals your level of commitment to your craft and contributes to elevating your role. Prerequisites for becoming a Certified Elite Doula include:

  • Having taken a ProDoula 20-hour doula training
  • Having successfully completed the ProDoula comprehensive certification exam
  • Holding a current CPR certification
  • Having served a minimum of 3 clients within the past 12 months

Upon submission of your application to become a Certified Elite Doula, you will be directed to upload your client evaluation forms, personal references, routine protocol and resource list, and an updated copy of your CPR certification.


Doula Training – This is where it begins!

In-person doula training is a life experience that will stay with you forever. Yes, it is about learning to be a doula (It’s where you learn and practice actual labor and postpartum support!) but the takeaway is so much more.

Imagine submerging yourself in pregnancy, birth and babies for 20 whole hours over 2 days. Imagine the relationships that organically manifest when a group of peers with the same passion sit in an unbiased, nonjudgmental space together and allow vulnerability and education to coincide.

The topics of discussion enable you to feel things that you didn’t know existed within you. Your doula workshop is a safe place for exploring feelings and gaining perspective. Everyone seems to understand and when someone becomes overwhelmed and is brought to tears, you come together and become their immediate support system.

Over the course of your training the random group of seemingly different individuals actually merge before your very eyes. Ultimately, you evolve into a powerfully bonded unit, committed to supporting others through birth.

You deserve this experience!


Having a professional certification organization like ProDoula supporting you every step of the way will help to build your confidence and contribute to your success. ProDoula’s team will be available to support you in navigating your submission

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Why Doula Certification

Doula training and the doula certification process will enable you to help instill strength and reduce fear in the families you will serve and support through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.


Doula Certification and ProDoula Membership

As your training organization, ProDoula must retain you as a member in order to grant you certification and maintain the responsibility of holding that certification. For that reason, your certification is dependent on your consistent membership

Initial first year membership fee – $95

Your first year of membership includes the development of your ProDoula webpage. Be sure to return your web page questionnaire to the ProDoula office right after you take your training!

Annual membership fee – $75

Your annual membership must be paid no later than 30 days past its expiration. A lapse in your membership will result in the termination of your certification. Certification cannot be reinstated once terminated.

Lifetime membership fee – $500

Reduce the risk and stress of your membership lapsing and terminating your certification by choosing lifetime membership. With ProDoula lifetime membership, any certification you earn will remain valid for life!


Cross Certification – $295 Registration fee

Cross certification pertains to those who have previously trained as a doula, or who have certified as a doula with a different organization. Through cross certification doulas can fully benefit from all of the advantages offered by ProDoula.

ProDoula is honored to hold the certifications of professional birth workers worldwide while supporting them on the journey of supporting others.

Learn more about Cross Certification