Lisa Collins


CURRENT STATUS: Certified Labor and Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

BUSINESS NAME/AFFILIATION: The Hospital Doulas & Associates

SERVICES PROVIDED: I provide custom birth preparation, labor and delivery support as well as caring for a mother and her family as they adjust to the new demands, challenges and joys of family life.


AREAS SERVED: Central Florida – Greater Orlando Communities, Winter Park, Waterford Lakes, Avalon Park and many more!


Phone: (407) 456-8455




Meet Your ProDoula

Background/Experience that you think is beneficial to Doula work: My clients find my first profession as a marriage and family therapist very helpful in our work together. This careful listening and communication help me get to the root of exactly what parents fear, want to hear, or need to say, clearing the way for a successful birth experience and beyond.

What led you to become a Doula?: Although I birthed my first 2 children with skilled and well-intentioned nurses and physicians in attendance, they were still complete strangers to me! I knew there had to be a better way for us to enjoy and honor this sacred event in our lives. I wanted someone who took the time to get to know my husband and I, as well as what was important to us. I hired a doula for our third birth and her quiet calm, encouragement and continuous care made all the difference in the world.

What are some positive comments made about you by other people?:

People often say I have a great sense of humor, am knowledgeable, have a caring spirit and most important to them at the time of uncertainty and trepidation, that I “bring the calm”.

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