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Randy Patterson began her career in the birthing world in 1997 at the birth cottage at Hudson Valley hospital. There, she worked as a birth assistant (Doula) and later cross-trained as a peri-natal technician on the OB unit of the hospital. In 2003 she opened her independent doula business. In 2008 she joined forces with Debbie Aglietti; as co-owners of Northeast Doulas, they grew the business, their team and an awareness about Doulas. Randy’s passion is in helping women find strength and power in themselves – through their own experiences of birth or as a woman, mother or Doula. Throughout her life Randy has been a natural leader – a source of strength, inspiration and knowledge to those around her. With these skills, Randy leads the Training and Development Department of ProDoula – she imparts the company’s value on honesty, integrity, communication and accountability in the coursework, trainings and certification process. Randy recognizes that when someone is ready to become a doula, they need ongoing support that is nonjudgmental and compassionate. Randy is a trusted ally and loyal mentor to those who seek out ProDoula.