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After getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2009, Eva promised herself she would have a career she loved and was passionate about. She learned about doulas when her sister opted to have a home birth with a midwife and a doula. Through her research on what a doula was, she felt very drawn to birth work and since has felt like she has found her calling.

Eva is an Independent Contractor for Tucson Doulas. She also co-hosts a doula podcast called Doulas of the Roundtable, where she and her co-host Angela Horn discuss all things related to doulas and birth work. She is now a labor doula trainer with ProDoula and is very excited that she gets to travel and teach passionate birth workers the joys of this important work.

Expertise as related to the Labor Doula Course Offering:

Eva has been working as a doula since 2015 and has attended over 140 hours of in-person doula training. Eva prides herself on providing non-judgmental and unbiased support to the clients and health-care providers in her community. She finds it important to have continuous education and strives to learn and grow. Also, Eva is helping to elevate the role of doulas by making a contribution to the industry through her podcast and by training new and aspiring doulas or birth workers all over the country.