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ProDoula is the Leading Edge Certification Organization for Birth Workers.
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The ProDoula Mission: The goal of ProDoula is to elevate the role of doulas to a professional level in the eyes of expectant parents, medical professionals, and doulas themselves while providing people of all demographics a rewarding career opportunity. ProDoula provides the necessary training, guidance and mentorship to its members to successfully complete the coursework involved in becoming a certified doula. Get started on your goal to becoming a doula today!

The ProDoula Promise: A ProDoula will provide judgment free support to mothers and families. A ProDoula comes to each family with a clean slate and an opinion-free attitude. A ProDoula will have the understanding, training and desire to serve each family and their needs, regardless of their own personal experiences or philosophies.

The ProDoula philosophy: is based on the desire to elevate the role of doulas to a professional level in the eyes of expectant mothers and partners, medical professionals, and doulas themselves. Regardless of their experience level, a ProDoula is developing their career path and is encouraged to set goals for professional advancement. A ProDoula is not a medical professional and does not handle clinical tasks. A ProDoula always works cohesively with a client’s entire birth or postpartum team. As a member of ProDoula, each doula is encouraged to find their own "style of practice" while adhering to the Scope of Practice for professional doulas as outlined by ProDoula.

"ProDoula's robust trainings helped me become a truly professional, compassionate doula. I have benefited from both their business and practical trainings."

Elisabeth Lighty,  Indianapolis, Indiana

"Because of the confidence ProDoula has instilled in me, I am a better doula, business owner and person!"

Tanya Grabbe,  Brentwood, Tennessee

"ProDoula continuously shows me that they truly care about me and my business."

Annie Willems,  Salem, Oregon

"ProDoula is unlike any other doula certifying organization. They are invested in the success of my business."

Britni Means,  Conyers Georgia

"I feel supported, heard and cared for by the owners, trainers and members of ProDoula!"

Gwendolyn Mccomsey,  Lancaster Pennsylvania

Become a Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist or
Infant Feeding Specialist

Advanced Business Training

Selling your doula services is how it begins

When you train as a doula, your passion to serve birthing families ignites. Without the tools and skills to build or grow a doula business unfortunately, serving women will be impossible. Veteran doula, Randy Patterson, along with business partner Debbie Aglietti have paved the way to success for doula businesses. With a combined 34 years of experience and 1,800+ births attended these two are no strangers to generating success and serving birthing families.

Through this Advanced Business Training, Randy brings her passion for birth, and wisdom for business to all who desire it, in an effort to elevate the role of doulas to a professional level.

"Doula" represents a profession not a philosophy.

Through this Internationally devoured Advanced Business Training, birth workers are finding the personal and professional rewards they imagined achieving. Without solid business direction, doula work is nothing more than an expensive hobby that will pull you away from your loved ones, which is difficult to sustain. Book an ABT in your area today and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to become a successful doula business owner!

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