10 Yrs Ago, We Had a Baby!

Posted on: August 18, 2023 | Become a Doula, Doula, Doula Business, Doula Training

In the realm of compassionate support and empowerment, a decade ago, a journey of remarkable significance began.

We conceived!

Ten years ago, inspired by the realization that our industry was severely lacking the sustainable practices necessary to keep and grow doulas, ProDoula was conceived. You see, we knew that without proper support, guidance, and relevant business acumen, we would continue to train and ultimately lose doula after doula after doula. 

We announced our pregnancy! 

We were on a mission of great significance and we were ready to share the news with the world! Just as a person embraces the news of new life growing within them, ProDoula embraced our vision of elevating doula support to unprecedented heights. We were on a mission to leave birth and early parenting better than we found it. We were fully aware that our goal would require a force of doulas equipped with masterful practical training and sustainable business practices. Undeterred, we were prepared to construct such a force and bring it into existence.

We gave birth! 

When ProDoula was born, its impact on the doula community mimicked the powerful transformation we associate with childbirth. ProDoula’s influence literally reshaped the doula profession. ProDoula bravely swam against the current and doulas began to believe they had significant value and were worthy of real compensation. Doulas united in their shared values and began to recognize the importance of their role. Doula work was becoming a viable career option and the self-esteem of our industry began to soar. 

Our Golden Hour! 

Just as a newborn brings a joyful bond to a family, ProDoula brought together a diverse community of professional doulas united by a common purpose, and sense of belonging. Doulas around the globe began to open agencies and support one another as they served and supported their communities.

We struggled with postpartum…

Similar to the challenges many people face during the postpartum period, ProDoula faced its own set of challenges… ProDoula had more to learn on the path to expansion. As an organization, it rose above each challenge, growing stronger and wiser with each experience. It invested in relevant education with a desire to correctly embrace inclusivity, diversity, and the evolving needs of the individuals who make up the doula community. Much like new parents adapt to the changing needs of their new babies, ProDoula stays committed to adapting to the changing needs of its global membership.

Our 10th birthday! 

And now, as ProDoula celebrates its 10th birthday, its impact on the doula profession and the doula community as a whole shines bright. Much like a milestone birthday, ProDoula’s journey is marked by its accomplishments, its growth, and its transformation. It has nurtured a culture of professionalism and respect within the doula community, elevating the doula profession to new heights.

In these ten years…

ProDoula has been a guiding force, a beacon of support, and a symbol of empowerment. It has nurtured the doula community with a wealth of knowledge, tools, and unwavering encouragement. Here’s to ALL PRODOULAS! May our legacy continue to flourish, just like the communities you continue to touch and inspire with your compassionate support.

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