5 Things I Know About Being a ProDoula

Posted on: August 15, 2016 | Become a Doula, Doula Inspiration, Doula Self Care

1) Strong people being supported by strong women

ProDoula is run by amazing, strong, supportive women. Therefore, it attracts amazing, strong, supportive people. I’ve talked to countless ProDoulas who have looked for their “tribe” for years and years only to finally find their home with ProDoula. The support, professional relationships and loving friendships that have developed because of ProDoula are an incredibly unique experience that ProDoulas are blessed to share.

2) Revolutionary

Being a ProDoula is being part of a revolution. You see, for many years, doulas all around the globe struggled to support their own families while they were off supporting their laboring or postpartum clients. For many years, there was no model to show these doulas how to earn a living wage while supporting other families. ProDoula is revolutionizing the industry, turning what was once considered a hobby for many, into a profession. In addition to financial freedom, doulas are relearning how to support families without judgment. Something that was not instilled in them until they found ProDoula.

3) ProDoula leaders make mistakes

ProDoula’s leaders have an incredible amount of knowledge that they willingly and gracefully share with all of us. That does not mean that they know it all. In the face of growth comes falling. When a ProDoula leader falls, she accepts and acknowledges her mistakes and works to unlearn what she knew so she can relearn a better way. How many leaders do you know who openly admit their mistakes, publicly apologize and actually make changes to create better solutions?

4) Life changing

If being stagnant is ideal for you, then ProDoula is not your best choice. Being actively involved in the ProDoula community requires great self reflection, self honesty and inevitably, growth. Ask just about any active member of the ProDoula community, and you will learn how being a ProDoula has been a life changing experience for them, for their partners, for their children and for their businesses.

5) Loyalty

ProDoulas are loyal to their certifying organization. And ProDoula leaders are loyal to their members. It is not uncommon to get a personal phone call from ProDoula leaders to check in and see how you are doing, especially if they know a member is experiencing a tough situation, albeit personal or business related. There is nothing like the special feeling a ProDoula gets when they connect with their ProDoula leaders. The bond between ProDoulas is crazy tight. Aren’t we all just looking for that special connection? You’ll find it here!

Moral of the story, if you want the best for yourself, your family and your clients, then there is no doubt about it, ProDoula is the place to be for doula certifying needs.

Loyal member Gwendolyn Mccomsey of Keystone State Doula Services is honored to author this blog for the ProDoula community.