A Hospital Bed – The Best Place for Birth

Posted on: August 3, 2017 | Doula, Doula Training, Labor & Birth

The hospital bed is the most under-used piece of equipment in a labor room.

Check out this video to see some next level birth bed sh*t!

Cool, right?!?! Now you’re thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” But that’s not all…

Check out how you and your partner can rest, in that same position while your doula does some hip squeezes to ease the discomfort of labor!

Now, get your partner on the bed, you on a birth ball and your doula behind you, and you’ll have the perfect scenario for labor and love from your partner and comfort and pain relief from your doula!

Need monitoring? No problem!

Put your hospital bed in the “throne position” by raising the whole bed, lowering the foot portion of the bed all the way down and raising the head portion all the way up.

In this upright position put your feet together, butterfly your legs (which opens your pelvis) and makes lots of room for your baby! Notice the doula doing the “knee press” for optimal comfort in this position!

By bringing the birth ball onto the bed, you can be on all fours, benefiting from the “2 person hip squeeze” while taking pressure off your low back!

Did you know that most hospital beds are equipped with a “birth bar”?

Check out the support and leverage you can get when using the bar! Good thing she has such a great partner, doula and nurse to support her during the early pushing phase!

Next time you walk into a labor and delivery suite, think of the hospital bed as a great piece of equipment that supports labor rather than just a place to rest!