Doula Business? Nobody in my area knows what a doula is…

Posted on: April 26, 2018 | Doula Business, Doula Inspiration

I hear it a lot: “I can’t grow my doula business because no one in my area even knows what a doula is!”

Ok. Then let’s talk about how you can change that!

In no particular order, here are 25 ideas for ways to help your community learn, know about, and better understand what a Labor Doula, Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist, or Infant Feeding Specialist is.

  1. Offer a free informational workshop about your services
  2. Guest speak at local schools/college
  3. Host trainings in your area to educate and create more doulas
  4. Join your Chamber of Commerce
  5. Blog about every pregnancy and new parent topic you can think of
  6. Work to paint a virtual picture of what doula support can look like for a new family
  7. Write and send press releases to local media
  8. Speak on a radio interview
  9. Create a YouTube channel and post short videos about parenting topics
  10. Connect with: Pediatricians, Postpartum counselors/therapists
, Chiropractors
, Lactation professionals
, L&D nurses, Hospital administrators
  11. Host or vend at a baby fair
  12. Build a website
  13. Improve your SEO so you can be more easily found
  14. Teach Childbirth Education Classes
  15. Connect with nanny agencies who do not offer overnight care
  16. Start and host a parenting group that meets locally
  17. Warm chat
  18. Develop solid elevator speeches that answer “what is a doula?”
  19. Utilize social media to share information about your work
  20. Attend your child’s career day
  21. Volunteer at your child’s school and meet other parents
  22. Tell everyone! Talk, talk, talk about what you do
  23. Ask people what support they wish they had. Listen. (model emotional support as you listen)
  24. Look for gaps in your community’s resources and find ways to fill them
  25. Join a volunteer committee at your local hospital

This list is only the beginning!

Your doula business will be growing before you know it!

Take an idea, make it your own and run with it. You know your community best, so use that knowledge as you find the best ways to increase the understanding of what you do. With more understanding will come a new demand for your services.

Let’s work to make not knowing what a doula is, a thing of the past!

Kristyn Blocher
 Doulas Northwest, Owner & ProDoula, Director of Training & Development