Financing for Doula Training!

Posted on: November 24, 2021 | Become a Doula, Doula, Doula Training woman getting approved for financing doula training

One of the biggest barriers faced by individuals seeking to become a doula is the upfront cost of training. At the ProDoula office, if we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times… “I really want to become a doula but I have to wait until I have the money for doula training before I can get started…” Enter, financing for doula training!

As seasoned professional doulas, we know that the fee you will receive from your very first doula client, will more than pay for the cost of your doula training! I mean, let’s face it, the cost for doula training with ProDoula is $595 and the cost for hiring a doula, on average, ranges between $800 – $2500! With just one client, you’ve made a profit!!

ProDoula is committed to removing barriers for those interested in becoming certified, professional doulas. 

We are so excited to share the news that we now offer financing for doula training! You can literally train now, and pay later!!! 

Financing for doula training is a game changer.

It means you no longer have to wait.

You no longer have to put your dreams on hold.

You no longer have to hope, and wish.

You can literally start TODAY!

The best news is that financing for doula training does NOT end with doula training!!! You can finance anything that ProDoula offers that costs more than $50!!

That’s right!! 

All resources, trainings, membership fees, business consulting, social media consulting, teaching curriculums, etc. NOW qualify for FINANCING! If there is a product or resource that is less than $50 and you want to finance it, just grab another item that brings your total above fifty bucks, and GO FOR IT!!!

It literally takes seconds to be approved for financing!

To apply, you’ll need 5 details:  

  • 1. Full Legal Name
  • 2. Billing Address
  • 3. Phone
  • 4. Social security number
  • 5. Date of Birth

To Qualify:

  • You must have, or use an address in the USA
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a credit score of 550+

The process is simple:

  • Choose a product (or products) that equal a minimum of $50
  • Add your name, address, email and phone
  • Click on ProDoula Terms
  • Click pay with Affirm (During a SALE, you can use a coupon code too! Just add it first) 
  • A pop up will appear offering you various payment plans – Choose the one you prefer!
    • 3 months with NO INTEREST
    • 6 months w/interest
    • 12 months w/interest

ProDoula is excited to offer you this amazing opportunity. We know that prolonging a dream, unfortunately, can enable it to fall to the wayside… 

But, That ends today!

Financing for doula training means prioritizing your dream and following your passion! We can’t wait to have you at a ProDoula training soon!!!

*Payment options are subject to final eligibility and approval.