Group Childbirth Classes Are Dead

Posted on: July 2, 2021 | Doula, Labor & Birth Become a childbirth educator

The world wide web has taken over CBE, and families, particularly millennial families, have no time or use for group childbirth classes.

That’s the message doulas and childbirth educators wanted me to believe…

But recently, I was the substitute (childbirth education) teacher for a friend who was scheduled to teach but fell ill. I sat for 8 hours with 6 couples of varying ages and weeks of gestation while they sorted through information and philosophies regarding birth and the early postpartum hours.

I taught this class based on the ProDoula childbirth education curriculum which explores 3 simple concepts. How. When. And why.

How it happens.

When it might happen.

Why it is happening.

As we all came to know each other through our short introductions, I asked each couple a question that I was seeking their validation on.

“Why have you registered to take an in person group childbirth class?”

I wanted them to confirm my belief that in person group childbirth classes are no longer necessary.

I expected them to say that they signed up for this class because they were told to.

That their provider insisted.

That they felt prepared for birth because of all that they had read and learned on the internet but signed for the class… just in case.

What they said was startling to me.

  • They wanted a professional who had sorted through the facts and opinions online, who they could look into the eyes of and feel validated.
  • They wanted someone they could trust.
  • They wanted someone who had nothing to gain or lose by the decisions they made.
  • They wanted someone who felt like an ally.
  • They wanted someone who was committed to them having the facts.
  • They wanted the ideas of others in a classroom who could ask the questions they hadn’t thought of themselves.

Basically, after 8 hours of talking about my favorite topic in the whole wide world, meeting 6 new couples on the brink of becoming parents and providing information that most birthing couples do without,

I am convinced that group childbirth classes are amazing and people want to attend them.

The problem is, childbirth educators are not actively seeking couples to take their classes. They are not promoting that portion of their business well. In fact, they don’t even consider it business in most cases….

But they should. As a childbirth educator, even if the cost of your class was only $150 (which is on the very low side) and you had 6 couples in attendance, you would have the earning potential before expenses of $900 for a days work!

$900 to teach a class you love, about a topic that puts you over the moon, to people who are searching madly for what you are offering.

So snap out of it!!! If you love birth and want to build your career supporting families through education…

Become a childbirth educator now!

Remember, the best thing about childbirth education, is the educator and your opportunity awaits you! Oh and the calls today from the couples I met who would like to hire us as their doulas just keep coming! I’m excited to work with these couples in a variety of ways as they embark on this exciting time in their lives.