Online Doula Training or In-Person Doula Training? What’s the Difference?

Posted on: March 28, 2018 | Become a Doula, Doula Certification, Doula Training

Hello Prospective Doula!

My name is Lacey Morgan, I am a doula, I don’t work for ProDoula but I see you there. You were inspired by some force from within, or an experience, or someone you know.

I see you.

You’ve decided to become a doula and that’s awesome! If you’re here reading this,  you’ve already started looking into what it will take. As you do your research, I’m sure you are discovering that there are just as many options for organizations to train with, as there are brands of diapers to put on a baby’s bum.

You probably realize by now that you’ll have to decide between in-person doula training, online doula training, retreat-style doula training, or a combo program, right?

Okay, now shit is getting real…

  • How will you know which organization is best
  • How will you know which training style is best?

As someone who has been there, I’d like to share a secret with you. In-person training is best. Period. And if you want the real deep and dirty, ProDoula’s in-person training is even better than best.

I started my doula career looking for a training that was both affordable and easy to fit into my very busy personal and professional schedule.  I found a very nice organization that offered an online doula training program with flexible deadlines and a lot of independent study.

Sounds great right?! Well… it wasn’t.

It appealed to me because I thought, the more you research and create on your own, the better doula you’ll become, right? Well… sort of.

You know what makes you a better doula?

Having a whole team of people there to lift you up and encourage you if things get difficult.

I get the appeal of an online doula training program. I really do. You work at your own pace, in your own home, on your own schedule.

And this is great… if you want to be an accountant.

But pause here and ask yourself, “Is this is the best option for someone looking to become a doula who is dedicated to interacting with and supporting other human beings through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period?”

I’ll answer for you… Probably not.

Instead, imagine yourself sitting in a room full of other people who are choosing to dedicate their lives to the same work. You spend 20 hours exploring birth, talking, sharing, interacting, practicing labor positions and comfort techniques. You learn, you question, you thrive. You connect, you bond, and you may even cry a little. Or comfort someone else who is…

You change. Yes, you will change.

Every single person I have trained with, in a ProDoula training, has shared with me that they experienced some form of positive change through the training, regardless of their reason for coming.

There is something about ProDoula trainings.

It’s something unquantifiable. But it is there. It’s a feeling, or maybe an energy. It’s intangible. But it is so real.

I’m not a ProDoula “fangirl” by choice. More of a slow and methodical convert. I resisted at first, but I regret it.

I can tell you my original training organization has done nothing for me but get me started and give me time. They gave me time…

Time to sit on my hands, time to avoid doing work, time to watch clients pass me by.

On the other hand, ProDoula gave me free information through their Facebook groups the “Business of Being a Doula” and “So You Think You Can Doula.”

When I was ready to grow a business and not just pursue a “birth hobby,” the CEO and co-founder of ProDoula, Randy Patterson gave me information on how to grow my business in her Advanced Business Training.

When I was contemplating launching an agency, Randy spent an hour giving me tips, asking hard questions and helping me find the soul of my company.

All this, and I wasn’t even a ProDoula member (yet).

Randy remembered details about me from a training I took months before! She knew me, and she saw me!

Where was my original online doula training organization? They weren’t holding me accountable. They still don’t even know I exist.

As for convenience, three times now ProDoula has brought trainings to me. Yes, you read that right, they brought trainings to my area, at my request!

How much more convenient can it get!?!

With each training (Placenta Encapsulation, Birth/Labor Doula Training, and Postpartum Doula Training), I grew and changed. Each trainer pushed me to be the best business owner and professional service provider that I can be.

  • They provided information and resources.
  • They let me pick their brains.
  • They provided kick-ass education. 

You won’t get all that in any online doula training.

But the most important thing I take away from ProDoula a training is this burning desire to go and succeed in running my doula business. I walk away with the strength, energy, and wisdom of the hundreds of women who have done this before me.

I let ProDoula change me and I couldn’t be more proud.

Are you ready to become a doula?

Don’t waste your time looking around.

Join the team.

We will lift you up, hold you there while you get it together. And believe me, we will push you forward if you start dragging your feet.

Welcome friend.  We’re so glad you found us.

Authored by: Lacey Morgan, King of Prussia Doulas