ProDoula Benefits – Did You Know?

Posted on: June 1, 2020 | Become a Doula, Doula Business, Doula Certification ProDoula benefits

ProDoula benefits are the things that attract our global membership and we wanted to be sure you were aware of them! We know that you are scouring the internet, trying to find the perfect training organization and we are confident that our benefits are one of the things that attract people like yourself to our organization.

ProDoula Benefit #1 The ProDoula Scope of Practice.

While most certification organizations push an agenda on how people should give birth, ProDoula focuses on how individuals choose to give birth. ProDoula believes that the support of a doula should always come from a place free of bias and judgement and it clearly states that in our Scope of Practice. We believe this is a huge benefit to the clients we serve and the doulas we support!

ProDoula recognizes that doulas are not responsible for medical outcomes.

The scope of practice clearly states that doulas may not:

  • give medical advice
  • administer medication
  • interfere with medical advice or treatment given by medical professionals

ProDoula Benefit #2 – The Alumni Program

Did you know that after your initial training, you can attend a training in the same modality at no cost to you! That is what being a ProDoula Alumni means. With ProDoula, when you pay for your doula training, you are actually paying for lifetime learning. *The Alumni Program applies to in-person trainings.

ProDoula trainings are kept current and training manuals are re-evaluated and rewritten every 5 years in order to incorporate changes in recommendations, and new evidence based research as it becomes available.

ProDoula Benefit #3 – No Re-Certification and No Re-Certification Fees

While ProDoula believes that continuing education is essential, proof of continuing education is not required. Additional affordable and complimentary learning opportunities are available through The Doula Learning Channel.

ProDoula Benefit #4 – American Nurse Association CEU’s available

ProDoula is the only organization who has even been through the rigorous process of having our programs fine tooth combed and approved by the American Nurse Association for 17 CEUs for nurses.

While it is certainly not a requirement that you be a nurse in order to take a ProDoula training, our Labor Doula, Postpartum & Infant Care Doula and Infant Feeding Specialist trainings will provide you with 17 CEUs each if you are!

ProDoula Benefit #5 – Professional Discounts

ProDoula is dedicated to building collaborative relationships with professional organizations that benefit our members.

Did you know that as a ProDoula member you qualify for a discount on your liability insurance through CM&F Group? That’s right, 10% off to be exact!

ProDoula Benefit #6 – Lifetime Membership

The ProDoula benefits include the option for lifetime membership for 2 reasons!

1) To save you money! The cost of your first year of ProDoula membership is $75 and $50 per year after that. When you purchase Lifetime Membership, you’ll pay a one time fee of $350 and you will NEVER have to PAY for membership again! Ever!

2) So you don’t forget to pay your membership and lose your certification! Your certification is valid for the lifetime of your membership. If your membership lapses, you will lose your hard earned certification. We understand that life happens and things sometimes slip through the cracks. For that reason we recommend Lifetime Membership AND Lifetime Certification!!!

ProDoula Benefit #7 – Responsive and Supportive Team

ProDoula has the most responsive, knowledgable and supportive office staff in the entire doula industry. The ProDoula benefits are limitless when you consider how accessible we are to our membership! We know that when you need something, you need it now! Between our Home Office Team, our Training & Development Team, our CEO and our incredible membership, ProDoula members are never alone on the rewarding journey of supporting others in birth and beyond.