When You Let Me Hold Your Baby

Posted on: May 7, 2016 | Doula, Doula Inspiration, Postpartum

It’s Mother’s Day and I am honored to have supported you as you birthed your baby.

Your baby was presented to you and I watched as your heart opened wide and true love filled the room.

I saw you as you saw your child for the first time.

It was raw and real and undeniably powerful. You were amazed and in awe and I witnessed it. It was a privilege that I have never taken for granted.

Your love moved me and brought me back to my own births where my daughters were each presented to me and I had my own real and raw moments. Where I was in awe and I learned to love unconditionally.

Thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to support you and witness you in your most authentic life transition.

19 years ago I decided to become a doula.

I knew I had much to give and I wanted to help you find your strength through becoming a mother. I wanted you to feel confident and powerful and I wanted you to love being you.

After things settle down and you are nestled in with your partner and your baby, there is a sense of peace on earth and I acknowledge it. Every time, I acknowledge it. The world outside is irrelevant and there truly is peace on (your) earth.

I witness it. It is real.

When I visit you a few days later, I watch you be your baby’s mother and I am impressed by you. You have learned so much about yourself and your baby and you are excited about learning so much more.

Sometimes, you ask me if I would like to hold your baby. I am honored and I would like to.

As you place your precious baby in my arms, I am mindful that this is your baby, your child, your miracle and I hold your baby differently than I held mine.

While I held my babies in my heart, I hold your baby in my hands and I honor you.

I am your doula and your baby’s doula as well.

When you invited me to your birth, I had a wish for you. My wish was that you would find your strength in birth and I have a wish for your baby as well. My wish is that your baby finds his or her strength in life and that he or she walks through life in the same loving light that you welcomed them in.

On this Mother’s Day and on every day, I thank you for allowing me to bear witness to you becoming a mom and I thank you for reminding me of how I felt when I did too.

Happy Mother’s Day, you strong and powerful woman, Happy Mother’s Day.

Authored by: The Rock n’ Roll Doula