Doula Training During the Pandemic

Posted on: May 26, 2020 | Become a Doula, Doula Business, Doula Certification, Doula Inspiration, Doula Training Doula Training During the Pandemic

Doula Training During the Pandemic? Things feel so uncertain right now… Industries have changed, recommendations on seeing friends and family have shifted, children are home from school, and every morning feels a little heavy.

Up until this point, you wanted nothing more than to check off that big life goal on your list: become a doula!

But then Covid- 19 happened and you hesitated. You felt unsure. You worried about how to provide face-to-face support. In-person doula trainings halted and moved to a virtual format. And so you froze. You looked at that goal and asked yourself:

Should I become a doula during the pandemic?

Is a pandemic the right time to become a doula?

Here’s one thing I can tell you: this pandemic won’t last forever. And while it is going on, the desire for expectant parents to have professional doula support during birth and the postpartum period hasn’t stopped.

Doulas are resilient.

During this time of unknowns and hospital policy changes they have found new ways to meet the demands of doula support from families in their communities. While the way in which doula support is provided during the pandemic, it certainly hasn’t stopped. Doulas have simply adjusted course.

Doulas are flexible and they know how to navigate uncertainty.

You can do the same. You can choose doula training during the pandemic, or you can let this deeply rooted passionate dream of yours fall to the wayside…

So, is it even possible to start your doula training during the pandemic? The answer is a resounding, yes! Doula training during the pandemic is happening and hundreds of people just like yourself are saying YES to getting started! They are saying YES to restarting after the pandemic as a Certified Doula, and YOU CAN TOO!

This is a great time to complete the doula training and certification process!

At some point we will see things reopen and we will go back to some semblance of normalcy, and when that does happen, you’ll able to confidently step into the role of a doula because you spent this time focused on preparing for it.

Take advantage of the time you have now.

Unfreeze yourself, shift your focus, adjust your course, and meet the goals you laid out for yourself. People, like you, who choose doula training during the pandemic are going to be ahead of their peers who wait to train when the pandemic ends.

You will be proudly supporting clients while the procrastinators are just getting started.

So, how do you take a doula training during the pandemic?

1. Register for a live, interactive, virtual ProDoula training.

Doula trainings haven’t stopped! They’ve simply adapted to the current safety guidelines. You’ll still receive the same detailed manual, interactive training, and incredible support from this organization. And even better, as a ProDoula member, when trainings shift back to an in-person format, you’ll be able to take that same training again at no additional cost to you!

2. Complete your open-resource online exam at your own pace.

When your training is complete, you will use your time at home to complete your online exam. This exam is a continuation of all the knowledge you gained during your training. Once successfully complete, you’ll be a proud Prodoula Certified doula!

3. Work on building your business.

Now is the exciting part: building your business and working with clients! Have no fear, your training will teach you how to approach this so you have a clear vision for how you want to spend this time curating the business that gains you clients and provides unbiased support to families in your community.

You had this desire to become a doula for a reason. You understand what it means to make it through difficult seasons of life; it’s what will make you such an incredibly compassionate doula.

Now is the time to put those skills to use and focus on how to make that dream of becoming a doula a reality.

Authored by: Lacey Bauer, Owner at Hampton Roads Doulas