New Doulas, This One’s For You!

Posted on: October 26, 2018 | Become a Doula, Doula Certification New doulas

ProDoula doulas are ready to serve and support as brand new doulas and I have evidence!

I have spent the past couple of days pulling client evaluations from doula certification packets here in the office so that I can prove to you that when ProDoula trains new doulas they should charge their worth from the beginning.

The following are quotes from new mothers who were part of the evaluation process for NEW DOULAS completing certification:

  • She was genuine, patient and kind.
  • She knew what I needed before I verbalized it. She was always right.
  • She made me feel safer than we would have without her. I can’t really explain how.
  • Her voice was soothing and calming and it made a huge difference for us.
  • I couldn’t have done it without her.
  • It was worth every penny.
  • I referred her to a friend who hired her immediately.
  • She squeezed my hips and back and it took away so much pain.
  • My husband felt so relieved that we had “our own personal birth expert.”
  • I credit my easy postpartum recovery to my doula for keeping me hydrated during my labor.
  • She answered every one of our questions with and put us completely at ease.
  • Our doctor said later that she wished all doulas were more like ours. We felt proud.
  • We had a great birth with an epidural and our doula. We spent a lot of time talking about what it would be like when we were parents and she was so inspiring.
  • We will never have a baby without her again.
  • She was a little reserved during our pregnancy meeting but was everything we needed during our labor and delivery.
  • She held my hand. She massaged me. She talked to me like no one else ever has. I love her.
  • She was so great at it that she made me want to be a doula too.

Now keep in mind that all of these people were talking about new doulas.

Doulas that were serving their first 3 clients for certification.

New doulas who started as professional doulas, with contracts and compensation.

New doulas who are creating a sustainable method for doing this work long term.

New doulas who charge their worth and are clearly valued by their clients.

Are YOU our next new doula? Contact us to take a doula training, feel the support that ProDoula offers and have a positive impact on the birth and postpartum period of the families you will serve!