Doula Training Near Me

Posted on: January 16, 2019 | Become a Doula, Doula Certification, Doula Training Doula training near me

I LOVE birth and babies and am looking for a doula training near me!

Well, aspiring doula, you’ve come to the right place!

We are excited about your enthusiasm and remember our own when we came upon the idea of becoming a professional doula.

Here’s how we felt:

  • We were excited!
  • We felt like there was a missing piece regarding pregnancy support and we wanted to fill in the gap!
  • We knew that with the right support, birthing families could potentially have a more empowering experience!
  • We read, studied and learned a ton about birth and every bit of it excited us more!
  • Our friends were constantly asking us questions about pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and their new babies!
  • We were proud to be able to bring them comfort with the information we gathered!
  • We wanted a career with purpose!
  • We wanted to leave our dead-end jobs and spend our time doing something we were passionate about!

Here’s what we did!

  • We contacted ProDoula to find out what the process was for doula training and certification!
  • We learned that ProDoula offered training and certification in the following modalities!
  • We looked at the ProDoula doula training schedule to locate a “doula training near me”
  • If there was one local, we registered!
  • If there wasn’t a training on the schedule that was local, we called the office at (914) 400-3494
  • When we called the office, we said, “I’m looking for a doula training near me!”
  • The office scheduled one at a time and in an area that was convenient for us!
  • We shared the news in our area so we’d have other passionate birth workers on the journey with us!
  • We made lifelong friendships with those people, found clients together and used one another as our back-up doulas!

Here’s where we are now!

  • We are successful doulas who work hard to serve our clients!
  • We work hard to grow our birth businesses so that we can do this work as our career!
  • We have other doulas that either work for us or work with us!
  • We work closely with doctors, midwives, and hospital administrators in order to improve birth in our communities!
  • We have gone on to take other trainings and offer other services like childbirth education, infant feeding, and postpartum services!
  • Our clients love us and we love them!
  • We are leaving birth and early parenting better than we found it!

All this from doing a Google search for 4 simple words…

Doula training near me!