Future Childbirth Educator Training




Please call the office with any questions (914)400.3494



Medical Professional in a birth related industry or Labor Doula


Please call the office with any questions (914)400.3494


Refund and Transfer Policies:

While it is very unlikely, ProDoula reserves the right to reschedule this training. In the event that the training must be rescheduled, the ProDoula office will contact you 5 days prior to your anticipated start date to discuss your options. You will be given the new dates for the training and the option to either attend that training or move your registration to another scheduled training on the ProDoula calendar, be it in-person or virtual, at no cost to you.

In the likely event that this training is confirmed to hold and facilitated as scheduled, but you are unable to attend, you may choose to pay a transfer fee of $75.00 to move your registration to a training that is more convenient for you. You must attend a training within 365 days of the missed training or you will forfeit all registration fees.

Refund: ProDoula does not issue refunds under any circumstances.

Training Transfer Fee: When a learner chooses to transfer into a different training then originally registered for, a $75.00 training transfer fee will apply.

*Note: All training credit transfers expire after 365 days.



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